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Personal injury attorney Milwaukee
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Injured? It IS About The Money ®
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Injured? It IS About The Money ®

When your life is an automobile spinning out of control, when the impact of recklessness and negligence disassembles life as you know it, as a runaway semi-truck disassembles a motorcycle, the legal system provides only one opportunity to have your medical bills paid, to recover your damages and to be made as whole as possible for the rest of your life. The attorney you choose may impact the outcome of your case more than even the facts of your personal injury case. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. With the Warshafsky personal injury law firm in your corner, your case is a high risk monetary proposition for them.

Aggressive Advocates of Warshafsky Law Firm Wisconsin

Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your attorney.

Sign and settle lawyers take a case and begin negotiations with insurers. Insurance companies know sign and settle lawyers are looking for a quick and easy paycheck, putting them in the driver seat. They'll have AT LEAST an equal say over your compensation. Nobody is FIGHTING FOR YOU.

Warshafsky’s Aggressive Advocate TRIAL ATTORNEYS build your case to WIN in trial from day one. Insurance companies know the only ceiling to your compensation is the statutory limit or the will of a jury. The largest settlements are agreed to by insurance companies fearful of losing at trial. RECORD compensation comes when great personal injury attorneys, like those at Warshafsky, win at trial.

Motorcycles speed along the right side of the right lane, seemingly inviting automobiles to pull out cutting them off, an invitation that is all too often accepted by distracted drivers and drivers not paying the attention they should.  Semi-trucks make deliberate turns across lanes of traffic expecting cars, with nowhere to go, get out of the way…

And so you drive everyday watchful, carefully anticipating the ever more frequent young person texting while driving swerving into your lane. You avoid the anxious business man wedging his supercharged sedan through busy streets thinking traffic laws don’t apply when he is running late. Even the Pokemon Go playing driver could not engage your fender…

Then, one day, with no way to avoid, a drunk driver crosses the center line changing life forever...

Injured? It IS About The Money ®
For Milwaukee residents recklessly injured in automobile accidents the Warshafsky personal injury firm employs unique resources and skills fighting to ensure medical bills and lost wages are paid. The best personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky will make sure insurance companies compensate all recoverable damages for the rest of your life.

At the Warshafsky Personal Injury Law Firm we wholeheartedly believe in the general goodness of human beings. By simple oversight, neglect, negligence or even maliciously, generally good people have unlimited potential to impose pain and suffering. Warshafsky’s entire legal team are powerful advocates expert in every nuance of achieving just compensation when Wisconsinites;

Warshafsky’s entire team of private investigators, medical doctors, paralegals, administrative staff and the most tenacious, driven, aggressive attorneys will discover, organize and preserve evidence from day one as we prepare to win your case in court. The largest settlements are achieved when Insurance companies fear losses to great attorneys at trial. Injured? It IS about the money.

Injured? It IS About The Money ®

Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyers

Largest Judgments. Biggest Settlements. Highest Injury Compensation in Wisconsin.

Serious injuries cause substantially more harm than broken bones, lacerated flesh, damaged organs and physical pain. Uncertainty and frustration are wounds in and of themselves. These ethereal wounds are compounded by the time spent dealing with insurance companies and hospitals. A life changing accident brings jobs, hobbies and entire families to a screeching halt. Warshafsky Personal Injury Law Firm restores you and your loved ones to normalcy. We will make you as whole as money can. Making you whole again is about the money.

”Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer, it is that simple. If your lawyer isn’t the best you can count on getting less. If your case isn’t prepared with the intent of walking into court to try it, with a trial attorney you can count on getting less. I worked for 6 yrs representing insurance companies and that’s the way they think.” --Victor Harding, Warshafsky Law.

Preparing Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Case to WIN.

Zero Risk. Zero Fees until Recovery.

Unlike most Milwaukee personal injury law firms, Warshafsky isn’t focused on throughput and volume. The most expert attorneys in Wisconsin build every case with the strength to go to trial and WIN. Lesser Milwaukee personal injury attorneys are happy to ‘take and settle’ as many cases as fast as possible. If you have a life changing injury, settling may be the worst decision you could make for your long term well being. Warshafsky stands alone with the clout, manpower and expertise to invest in your case completely. With free consultations and a no-win-no-fee platform, our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers will fully fund your lawsuit until you recover the maximum compensation allowed by law.

INJURED? It IS About The Money®

Warshafsky is your beacon in the confusing storm of Wisconsin personal injury law. We provide answers to all of the important questions. Our legal team handles every aspect of your personal injury case, including requests for a recorded statement, dealing with insurance companies, the ins-and-outs of worker compensation and product liability. With in-house medical doctors, accident investigators and the strongest legal team in the state, Warshafsky delivers unparalleled monetary results for our victim clients and their families.

Milwaukee Personal Injury Law Firm for Maximum Financial Compensation

Severe Car Accident LawyersWarshafsky's team of accomplished trial attorneys in your corner guarantees you will understand what is happening every step of the way, your rights will be preserved, your interests will be protected AND your monetary recovery will be maximized. We represent clients in every type of Wisconsin personal injury lawsuit. Warshafsky law firm serves as medical malpractice attorneys, car accident lawyers, motorcycle accident attorneys as well as every other genre of personal injury attorney. If a loved one has been victimized in an accident resulting in their passing, we will achieve justice for your family via a wrongful death suit adjudicated to maximum judgment.

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When injury or death derails lives, our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys will help. Our aid comes partially in the form of guiding you through the complicated landscape of personal injury law. Our most important value comes at the end of your litigation, when we get you the biggest possible judgments and settlements.

INJURED? It IS About The Money®

For the best results in personal injury compensation Milwaukee has to offer, contact Warshafsky Law Firm today. Our initial consultation is always free. When we take your case you will pay no fees until you receive compensation.

If you or someone you care about has been injured or harmed, contact our Wisconsin personal injury law firm today.