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Shorewood Car Accident Lawyers, Statistics & Interactive Map

Report a Car Accident in Shorewood, WI

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Shorewood Injury Attorneys Have Proven Record of Success

Shorewood car accident lawyersShorewood is a fine Milwaukee suburb on the Upper East Side, desirable and up-scale. Even with relatively heavy traffic on Capitol Drive and Wilson Drive, all drivers usually have to worry about is finding a place to park -- unless a severe accident happens. Shorewood residents still must deal with high-volume traffic at times. This means an exposed risk to severe auto accidents. Oakland Avenue, along several mile stretches north and south of Capitol Drive, has shown a history of producing serious and even fatal car accidents.

When Shorewood residents are seriously injured by someone else in a auto accident, they turn to the proven-effective lawyers at The Warshafsky Personal Injury Law firm. Injuries can be terrible and long-lasting. Medical complications and costs can be overwhelming. Lost income is a terrible problem. There is also usually a huge emotional toll taken on the injured person and the family. It’s a huge challenge to secure rightful compensation to offset these burdens.

Winning a Large Settlement Depends On Your Shorewood Car Accident Lawyers

The experienced Shorewood personal injury attorneys are hard-working, knowledgeable and extremely successful in winning large settlements for car accident victims. Their law firm is a powerful organization with substantial resources to fully prepare your claim, always assuming it may go all the way to trial. If an actual trial occurs, the firm has some of the finest litigators in the entire state. More often, the insurance company will properly evaluate the strength of the case against them and offer to settle, usually for a substantially greater amount than the client was expecting.

The opposite could happen if you choose a “sign and settle” law firm. These firms simply sign as many personal injury cases as possible, bragging about how many they handle. The problem for victims is, these firms often settle with the insurance company for much less money than could be secured with greater preparation or a determination to see the case all the way through to trial. An insurance company often determines the strength of your claim based on the power and experience of your attorney. If your attorney doesn’t have their respect, you won’t get the settlement you deserve.

This can be difficult for an injured victim. A smaller settlement can be secured more quickly. Remember, though: it will leave you with insufficient funds to handle the long-term costs of a severe personal injury. You may require years of therapy. Your ability to work could be limited or destroyed. The emotional impact could cause other difficulties. You’ll need money to handle all of the complications and expenses. Choosing the wrong law firm to represent you could cause you to come up far short of necessity.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

Shorewood Car Accident Attorneys Backed By Powerful Law Firm

The Warshafsky Personal Injury Law Firm has tremendous resources to help Shorewood car accident victims. Medical doctors are on staff to help provide a professional perspective. Research specialists know the law and legal precedents which might influence your case. The result is a solid presentation to prove the validity and necessity of your claim.

Shorewood Car Accident Victims Pay Nothing Unless They Win

Shorewood Personal Injury Lawyers work on a system of no-win no-fee, meaning you pay nothing until you actually receive compensation. Even the initial consultation is at no cost or obligation, allowing you to can fully explain what happened in the accident and the details of your injuries. Shorewood residents deeply appreciate being helped to such a degree without incurring financial cost until their case is won. When you are badly injured in an auto crash, the last thing you often think about is the legal expense you’re going to incur. Working with Warshafsky eliminates this worry and allows you to focus on getting better.

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