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Getting Money For a Car Accident Settlement for a Broken Ankle

Get The Compensation You Deserve For Your Broken Ankle With Milwaukee's Injury Lawyers

Car Accident Settlement Broken Ankle Ankle injuries are very common in car accidents. The lower extremities are the second most frequently occurring injuries in a car accident, with the first typically being a back injury. Injuries to the ankles occur because the lower extremities absorb the force of impact in a collision, or end up getting twisted or crushed during the accident.

If your ankle is broken from a car accident injury, you don’t have to suffer and go without compensation. Our Milwaukee car accident lawyers have extensive experience with personal injuries and helping victims receive the compensation deserved. Warshafsky Law Firm understands how to make sure insurance companies do not withhold compensation. 

Unsure if you have a Case?  Ask yourself the following:

  • Were You Caused Harm?
  • Can A Person Be Found To Be The Cause?
  • Was Protecting You Their Duty?
  • Does Their Failure To Not Cause Harm Represent A Breach?
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