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Getting Money for a Car Accident Settlement for a Broken Jaw

Car Accident Settlement Broken Jaw

Successful Jaw Injury Claims with Milwaukee's Personal Injury Attorneys

If you were involved in a car accident and you are suffering from a jaw injury you may be entitled to claim compensation. Whether it be a broken or fractured jaw, an injured jaw muscle or tendon or ligament tear, Warshafsky will help. Your pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages deserve to be reimbursed. By scheduling a free initial legal consultation with one of Warshafsky’s Milwaukee personal injury lawyers you will be guided through every aspect of your lawsuit. Our most important worth comes when we get you the biggest possible settlement for your broken jaw.

Do you have a case?

  1. Were you caused harm?
  2. Did a person act (or didn’t act) to cause?
  3. Was protecting you their duty?
  4. Did their failure in duty represent a breach?
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