How to choose the best WI car accident attorney Insurance companies offer larger settlements to law firms who win in court.

 Why choose Warshafsky Law Firm?

  1. Warshafsky has a demonstrated history of winning car accident settlements including a $4.9 million car accident settlement in Hartford and our $750,000 car accident settlement in Racine.
  2. Warshafsky Law Firm employs lawyers AND private investigators and researchers. You are going up against well-funded insurance companies. Warshafsky has the resources to find all the evidence and information to win your car accident settlement.
  3. We have a demonstrated history of going to court. This $3.3 million settlement for a family in Oconomowoc was settled in court and so was this $1.3 million settlement for a woman in Waukesha.

Four key things to look for in an auto accident attorney:

  1. Choose a car accident attorney with credentials

    It’s one thing for a law firm to talk about how they’ll do their best for you. It’s another to have a proven track record of success. Warshafsky law firm's long history of fighting for victims of drunken and distracted drivers is well-known in Wisconsin legal circles. Many of our cases ended with Society Changing Judgments, causing entire industries to change so no one else can ever be similarly injured.

  2. Choose an attorney with trial history

    Clients need someone who is willing to take your case before a judge and jury and let them know the full weight of the injustice you’ve suffered. You do NOT need an attorney who will tip-toe into settlement meetings with lawyers from the opposing side’s insurance company and take the first settlement offer that comes their way. There are times when a settlement is fair and well-advised, but such offers are rarely made when there’s no reason to believe an attorney will actually take a case to court. Clients need a lawyer who has a history of taking cases to court. Insurance companies need to respect their lawyer—something that only happens when you have trial experience.

  3. Choose an attorney with financial muscle

    Litigating a car accident case is expensive. Witness testimony, depositions, filing motions and transcripts are just a few items your legal team will prepare for your case. Don't consider hiring a lawyer who’s a one-man operation. High-dollar legal teams working for insurance companies will bury him in paperwork so fast he won't be able to fight the case effectively.

  4. Choose an attorney with determination

    Every personal injury law firm hoping to land you as a client will give you a spiel about how vigorously they’ll fight for you. The reality is most law firms are “sign and settle” shops with little interest in keeping a case on their files for more than a couple of months. For these “sign and settle” firms, it’s much more profitable to cut a deal with the opposing side’s insurance company, have you sign off on it, then move on to the next case. Warshafsky Law doesn’t play that game. We built our reputation on standing up for accident victims and winning complex cases (including procuring settlement for accident victims who were pregnant, severely injured, or permanently disfigured). 

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