Car accidents caused by icy Wisconsin roads Insurance companies offer larger settlements to law firms who win in court.

Wisconsin state law generally allows municipal governments a reasonable amount of time to learn about poor or unsafe road conditions and a similarly reasonable amount of time to correct the problems. The most common way they find out about such conditions is from reports made by motorists or police officers who have recently been on the road.

Filing a claim against the government for poor road conditions

Imagine this: A family is returning home from the movie theater one winter night. As they’re driving through the outskirts of Waukesha, their car suddenly goes into an uncontrollable spin and slams into concrete support for an overpass.

While many would see this as just another winter accident, our investigators would look to see if there were perhaps other factors that contributed to the accident. Often, there are. What sets Milwaukee car accident lawyers at Warshafsky apart from so many other personal injury law firms is our willingness to do the legwork necessary to investigate accident scenes and interview all witnesses. In our climate, ice is inevitable. But when the ice is caused by the carelessness or negligence of others, or when those with a responsibility to salt the ice or close a dangerous lane, then those injured have a right to recover for their losses and medical expenses.

It is the government’s responsibility to maintain roads in a safe condition for drivers, and they can be held responsible for damages when roads aren’t kept reasonably safe. However, if no one at the government level has been alerted to a dangerous road condition, as may well be the case with a stretch of road that ices over at 3am, they aren’t likely to be held responsible for failing to maintain the road in a safe condition.

To successfully make a claim against a government entity for injuries and damages you incurred on an icy road, you have to prove:

  1. the government knew about the bad road condition (or could reasonably be expected to have known about it)
  2. the government failed to take corrective action within a reasonable amount of time

As you can imagine, filing suit against a government agency is no small undertaking. If the circumstances of your accident lead to this, however, Warshafsky Law has the experience and the resources to mount a successful case.

6 WI Car Accident Laws that Impact your claim

Milwaukee personal injury attorneys on vehicle accidents caused by other drivers

Here’s a common winter accident scenario: You’re at a four way intersection and have the green light. You start to enter the intersection, when suddenly a truck that couldn’t stop in time due to ice or snow on the road crashes into your car.

While the driver of the other vehicle may try to tell you it’s not his fault because the road was so slippery, the fact is driver have a responsibility to keep their vehicles under control regardless of road conditions. If it’s snowy and ice is a possibility, you’re expected to drive accordingly. Especially when approaching an intersection.

So if you’ve been injured in a crash caused by someone sliding into an intersection because he couldn’t stop in time in the snow, you definitely have grounds to pursue a personal injury suit against the driver and his insurance company. And with our depth of experience in securing huge sums for our clients, you should definitely consider having Warshafsky Law represent you. Our team of personal injury attorneys 

No One Will Fight Harder for You than Warshafsky Law

Unlike other personal injury law firms that are quick to recommend accepting a settlement offer from the opposing side’s insurance company, Warshafsky Law isn’t timid about taking a case to court. The insurance companies we face off against know our reputation, both in court and in out-of-court negotiations. If we can’t get a fair settlement out of them, we’re not afraid to take the matter to a judge and jury. It’s how we’ve secured some of the highest awards in the history of Wisconsin law including settlements for miscarriage due to car accident, traumatic brain injury and victims burdened by medical debts.  

Take advantage of our offer to meet with one of our Milwaukee auto injury attorneys free of charge. We’ll give you an honest appraisal of your case and what you stand to gain by letting us represent you in a personal injury lawsuit. Should you decide to let Warshafsky Law represent you, we won’t ask for any payment from you until your case has been resolved and you have been compensated. If for any reason we don’t come through for you and there is no compensation in your case, you don’t owe us a thing.

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