Live in Wisconsin, hurt in Indiana car crash Settlements, liability, and claims

You can sue for an Indiana car accident if you live in Wisconsin. An attorney with jurisdiction in Indiana can help you file your lawsuit. The best thing a lawyer can do is find liable parties and make sure you receive compensation for all damages. Some attorneys from Wisconsin can take cases in Indiana.

Car accident victims might collect damages for:

The ONLY Milwaukee personal injury attorneys with a crash scene investigator on-staff

Most personal injury law firms would look at a week-old crash scene and tell you to settle. At Warshafsky Law, certified legal investigator John Schatzman is on staff to provide crash investigation. It’s NOT too late to collect valuable evidence to use against the insurance companies who WILL try to lowball you.

It is always best to begin documenting the scene of a crash immediately, but after an accident, you may be disoriented and more focused on regaining your bearings than thinking about the legal fallout. Call Warshafsky ASAP. We can often have an investigator on the scene in a matter of minutes. While you're recovering in the hospital or grieving the loss of a loved one, the insurance company is working hard to build a case against you. Let us work on your behalf while you are healing and grieving.

Car accident lawyers winning maximum compensation

Auto insurance companies and liable parties fear Warshafsky. We have a reputation for dragging guilty parties into lawsuits, where we extract the maximum compensation for car accident victims.

Warshafksy prepares every case for full-scale litigation, all the way through trial and even appeal, with a unique understanding of how insurance companies operate. When Warshafsky Law is behind you, these people WILL settle for a dramatically higher sum than their initial, shamefully small offering.

Injured? it is about the money®

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