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Car Crash Fire Injuries: Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyers Sue for Burns from Auto Accidents

Car Crash Fire WisconsinDespite the tremendous progress automakers have made toward building vehicles that won’t burst into flames in a collision, fire is still a very real possibility. If you have suffered serious burns as a result of an auto accident caused by another driver or a manufacturing defect, you likely have a case for pursuing a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a Milwaukee car accident attorney

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

Warshafsky Law Attorneys Get Maximum Compensation for Auto Accident Burn Victims

There’s a reason why Warshafsky Law consistently secures big money for our clients: We fight for them. The insurance companies we square off against hate that. If only…if only we would just accept their lowball settlement offers like so many other personal injury law firms do.

Insurance companies size you up by the law firm you have representing you. Hire a “sign and settle” firm, and they’ll know they can get away with an insulting settlement offer. Hire Warshafsky, and they’ll realize things may not turn out so rosy if they have to go to court. Result: Bigger settlement offers and even bigger judgments when cases do go to court.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

If you’ve been burned in a motor vehicle accident, don’t get burned by the legal system, too. With Warshafsky Law on your side, justice will be served and you will get the compensation your injuries merit.

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