There's no "average car accident settlement" for a broken sternum Payouts depend on medical bills, lost wages, lawyer quality, & more. Lawyer up if facing more than $5,000 in expenses.

The symptoms of a broken sternum are:

  • Chest pain and spasms: these may be exacerbated by breathing heavily, coughing or sneezing
  • Pain in the middle of the chest with swelling or bruising
  • Difficulty breathing and a feeling of pressure in the chest

Broken sternum? File a personal injury claim against those responsible

The sternum is the breastbone which is located in the center of the chest, attaching your first seven ribs to the collar bone.  When involved in a car accident, your chest is likely to strike the steering wheel, dashboard or even the seat belt in a way that could injure your sternum.

Those suffering from blunt trauma to the chest commonly experience a sternum fracture. While a broken sternum is debilitating and painful it is usually a self-limiting injury that gets better without the need for treatment or surgery. Warshafsky is among the best auto accident law firms in Milwaukee, so trust us to best represent you for your sternum injury. Below are common symptoms that you may experience when your sternum is injured or broken.

6 WI Car Accident Laws that Impact your claim

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