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Report A Boat Accident In Milwaukee In 2 Calls

Report Boat Accident in MilwaukeeReport a boating accident in the Milwaukee area with the phone numbers below. Call 2 of these BEFORE you contact your insurance company.

  • Emergency? Call 9-1-1
  • Non-Emergency? Call Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office: 414-278-4766
  • Injured? Consult an attorney: 414-276-4970

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Under Wisconsin Law, the operator of a boat or other marine vessel is required to make a verbal or written report to a law enforcement officer or a DNR conservation warden when a boating accident results in:

  • Loss of life or disappearance of a person OR"
  • Injury to any person OR
  • Property damage in excess of $2,000

Report a Boating Accident

  1. Milwaukee Police Department: (414) 933-4444 (for accidents in the City of Milwaukee)
  2. Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office: (414) 278-4766 (for accidents in Milwaukee County)
  3. Wisconsin State Patrol, Waukesha: (262) 785-4700 (for accidents in Waukesha County)

Reporting a Boat Accident in Milwaukee

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