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Sideswipe Accidents: Milwaukee Car Crash Attorneys Get You Money for Your Injuries

Sideswipe Accident Attorney MilwaukeeSideswipe accidents can range from minor incidents to far more serious crashes. The most common cause for a sideswipe is inattentive or distracted driving, although impaired driving comes in a close second.

In cases where there hasn’t been significant damage to the vehicle, most insurance companies will contest any claim of injury. They are apparently oblivious to the fact that even a relatively minor crash can cause serious injuries to the neck, shoulders and back from the sudden, side-to-side jerking caused by a sideswipe. This is why it is essential to have a good Milwaukee auto accident lawyer representing you.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

While other personal injury law firms will encourage you to settle quickly so they can take their cut of the settlement and get back to the golf course, Warshafsky Law prepares every case from day one as though it will be heard in a courtroom. Insurance companies don’t want to go there, as it exposes them to the risk of even greater losses.

If you have been injured in a sideswipe accident, it’s important to realize you only have one shot at getting restitution for your injuries. Make sure you have a lawyer who will actually fight for your best interests.

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