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Tanker Truck Injury Attorneys in Wisconsin

Tanker Truck Injury Attorneys MilwaukeeAlthough smaller than tractor trailers, tankers often transport flammable liquids (like oil or gasoline) which can explode and spread fire across an accident scene. Their high center of gravity, combined with liquid contents sloshing around if improperly loaded, makes them particularly susceptible to rollover accidents.

If you have been injured in a auto accident with a tanker truck—or you were the driver of the tanker truck—you may have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover medical costs and loss of income while recuperating. Spouses of accident victims who have died also have grounds to sue. In many cases, there are multiple parties who can be held liable—from the trucking company to the manufacturer of the truck and even the city responsible for maintaining the roadway where the accident occurred.

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