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What can you expect out of a bike accident insurance claim? 

Detailing and documenting the losses and damages you experience from a bike accident help value what you could receive from an insurance claim. Keep all copies of records including medical bills, loss of income and out-of-pocket expenses. To be reimbursed you'll need proof of liability. Insurance companies are good at protecting themselves, so you need to hire an experienced Wisconsin bike accident lawyer. Warshafsky won a $750,000 settlement for a wrongful cyclist death case. 

Getting the most money out of bicycle accident lawsuits

Cycling is one of the fastest-growing recreational activities in America and offers numerous fitness and health benefits. Unfortunately, an inattentive motorist, a poorly maintained trail or a failure of the bicycle frame can quickly turn a pleasant ride into a life-altering bicycle accident. Injured cyclists have a right to seek reimbursement for their medical bills and the pain they’ve endured, as do the families of cyclists who have been killed by motorists.

Warshafsky's personal injury attorneys have handled many cases involving bicyclists being injured in auto accidents, and they know how to get the highest monetary awards. Whether it's a drunk driver, a driver distracted by a cell phone or a driver who thinks cyclists shouldn't be on the road—we've heard it all. Injured cyclists and pedestrians need the best to effectively handle a claim against the offending driver and insurance company. Accidents are traumatic. If you or a loved one have been struck by a motorcycle, car or large truck, you need our legal team on your side.

Warshafsky Law does more to ensure maximum compensation

We have represented countless bicyclists injured by inattentive automobile drivers. Our private investigators draw on years of expertise in preserving evidence to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. We get our private investigators out to the accident scene as fast as possible since evidence in bicycle vs. car accidents is often cleaned up or removed quickly. Evidence preservation is a considerable factor in maximizing your financial compensation. If there is any on-site evidence to be found, we will find, document, preserve and use it to your advantage. We will also look for eyewitnesses to document what was seen.

During settlement talks, our opponents know we are dead serious about taking them to court and respond with uncharacteristically generous offers. If we think it’s reasonable, we’ll let you know. If we think you can fare better in court, you can count on us.

No-fee legal services for cyclists until your claim has been paid

Experiencing a car accident in Wisconsin while on a bicycle can leave you facing medical bills for your injuries, and possibly years of physical therapy. We prepare every case for all-out litigation from day one. Many law firms are all too quick to recommend settling with an insurance company. Although you'd receive your compensation quickly, it is rarely ever close to the amount you deserve. These “settlement mill” law firms are only concerned with getting their cut and moving on to the next one. Our objective is always to secure the maximum settlement possible. Since we only require a payment percentage after a judgment or settlement is reached in your case, we are motivated to ensure you get the maximum possible award for damages.

Don't go the journey alone

Never make a pain and suffering claim without a lawyer. The workman's comp attorneys and lawyers for insurance claims at Warshafsky have your back in helping you obtain maximum compensation for your case.

What to do if you got hit by a car on a bike

The events immediately following a bicycle accident can impact a resulting lawsuit, whether the accident was with a pedestrian, a car, a motorcycle or just you. When you’re in a bike accident with a car, try to stay calm in the aftermath.

  • Wait for the police - Leaving the scene before the police arrive makes it harder to identify the driver. If the driver flees, stay at the scene. Give an accurate report of every detail you remember, especially the license plate number.
  • Accident report - Make sure your version of events makes it into the accident report. Report every injury, even if it seems minor.
  • Contact information - Get contact information from witnesses and the driver's contact and insurance information, license number & license plate.
  • Take notes - Make a note of everything you can remember about the crash and write it down. Documented notes of weather, traffic, and road conditions are more reliable than memory. Write down more details or worsening injuries as you remember them.
  • Treat injuries - Get medical attention and take photos even for minor injuries so you have documentation of your injuries and a medical record further proving your injuries.
  • Preserve evidence - Keep your bike, helmet, clothes, etc. in the same condition after the accident. Don’t have anything cleaned, inspected or repaired, and take photos.
  • Contact Warshafsky - Contact our serious bicycle crash attorneys before contacting your insurance company. We have the in-depth knowledge needed to investigate, gather evidence and get you financial compensation.

Most common bike injuries

Whether you ride a quad, electric, dirt, mountain or tandem bicycle, there’s always a danger of getting hurt. Many people bike without helmets, making any accident more serious. The injuries and wounds sustained in a bicycle accident can range from a few scrapes and bruises to severe head injury and death. You may walk away from the accident with only some soreness from the impact, or the pain and injuries could become a more serious problem. Take note of everything. Whether you think you were at fault or someone else caused the accident, it is worth it for our experts to investigate. Talk to our personal injury lawyers if you’ve suffered from:

  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Knee pain
  • Traumatic brain injury/brain damage
  • Neck/back pain
  • Coma
  • Concussion
  • Wrist/forearm pain or numbness
  • Foot numbness or tingling 

Victim's family earns compensation from fatal bicycle accident

Margaret was a 41-year old wife and mother from Grafton who was struck and killed by an unsecured truck trailer. Warshafsky Law filed a wrongful death suit for Margaret's husband and children. After reviewing the police reports, eyewitness accounts and statements made by the driver, it was revealed that the truck driver wasn’t the only one at fault. The home building company that hired him didn't supervise him in safety precautions. Attorneys for the homebuilder’s insurance company made an offer to settle. In this case, after weighing the pros and cons, we advised her husband to settle. He received a $750,000 settlement, equating to $1.1 million today. The only way to secure compensation for all the losses in a bike accident is to file a civil suit with Warshafsky Law.

Experienced bicycle accident attorneys in Milwaukee

Warshafsky Law is extremely honored to be considered the best bike accident firm in Milwaukee. We show our special interest in cyclist rights by taking a leadership role in the Ride of Silence, an annual international bike ride that commemorates the lives of cyclists injured or killed on public roads and increases awareness among drivers. We gladly support anything that helps prevent more cycling accidents on our roadways.

Milwaukee's top law firm for ALL transportation accidents

We have lawyers that handle train accidents, airplane accidents and even ATV accidents. Accidents can occur due to impaired operators, poorly marked intersections, drunk driving or negligence. We will work to get you the full amount of money you're entitled to in ALL transportation accidents. Your initial consultation with us is free, so why not take advantage and learn how we would handle your case and what you could expect in a settlement? Contact Warshafsky today to get what you deserve. 

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What is the minimum amount of payment you can receive from a bicycle accident?

There is no minimum for how much you could receive in a bicycle accident case. Compensation depends on the severity of your injury. You may be reimbursed for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. Contact an experienced attorney.

Is suing for a bicycle accident in Wisconsin worth it?

Yes. If your lawyer can prove liability then you can expect the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Our no win no fee lawyers make certain that you don't pay a cent unless we win your case.

How much should I settle for in a bicycle accident case?

Don't settle for the first offer an insurance company puts out. They try to low-ball the amount you deserve based on the severity of your injuries. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer can help you see how much you can get out of your settlement.

What is the average settlement you can receive for a bike accident?

There is no average settlement that one can receive based on bicycle accident injury. All cases are unique to insurance companies due to circumstances of an accident. A lawyer can help figure out how much you could receive.

What are the factors that affect bike accident settlements?

Severity of the accident and the health of the individual afterwards are the primary factors that affect settlement amounts for a bike injury.