Compensation for motorcycle accident Wisconsin lawsuit nets $3.7 million dollar settlement amount

Can I sue for a motorcycle accident that happened due to a faulty design?

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident due to a fault in the motorcycle's design, you are likely eligible for substantial compensation from the manufacturer. Warshafsky personal injury lawyers can help. Warshafsky won a $3.7 million dollar settlement for a paralysis case due to a motorcycle accident.

Paralyzed man awarded millions in damages from motorcycle manufacturer

Early one Wednesday morning, a man was riding his motorcycle through the Oshkosh area of Wisconsin and became injured in a sudden and hazardous incident. The motorcycle unexpectedly lost stability, ejecting the rider into a tree. He is now a paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down. This accident tragically cost the victim more than the use of both legs, as he was then unable to continue working and living his current life.

Soon after, the victim sought out the Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorneys at Warshafsky Law Firm. A lawsuit was filed against the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Wisconsin and one of the largest auto manufacturers in the United States. Warshafsky sought to give the client fair and just compensation in the amount of millions, as well as see to it the manufacturers would clean up their negligent actions regarding future safety design.

Motorcycle accident compensation for paralysis victim

Warshafsky’s personal injury lawyers gave the jury proof of what caused the accident. It was successfully demonstrated this particular model of motorcycle had a specific defect where – when impact was made against a certain spot – the wobbling would become uncontrollable for the rider. A dangerous fault was exposed, whereas before not everyone would discover the potentially fatal flaw.

The auto industry was quickly revolutionized. The circuit judge awarded the paraplegic victim a grand total of $3.7 million dollars, which was the entirety of $3.25 million for pain, suffering, and disability, $325,000 for medical fee expenses and $46,000 for the loss of future earning potential.

The result of this triumphant verdict was a Society Changing Judgment. Prior to the trial, other riders were left unaware of this significant, life-threatening defect. Many individuals would still be at risk, oblivious to the company’s oversight in design which forever cost Warshafsky’s client the use of his legs.

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