Rental car accident injuries: Can you sue? Insurance companies offer larger settlements to law firms who win in court.

Generally, it’s rare when a car rental company can be held liable for an injury the renter sustains or causes. The one notable exception is if the car was not properly maintained or had a defect known to the rental agency and they did nothing to correct it.

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If you’ve ever rented a car, you may recall seeing a lot of small print on the rental contract. Most people don’t bother to read through it all—unless they’re involved in an accident. It’s only then the complex issues of liability come up. The situations that arise with rental car wreck injuries vary so drastically, and laws vary depending on the state in which the accident occurs, it’s impossible to cover every possible scenario. 

If you have been injured in a car accident in Wisconsin involving a rental car, either as the driver of the rental car or as the party injured by someone in a rental car, Warshafsky Law encourages you to take advantage of a free initial consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. Once we have a clear picture of what happened, we’ll be able to let you know if you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

6 WI Car Accident Laws that Impact your claim

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Whatever the circumstances of the rental and the accident, consult our Milwaukee car accident attorneys before you accept a lowball settlement from the insurance company. We have years of experience finding hidden sources of liability to get our clients far more money than the insurance company wants to pay.

Should you decide to let Warshafsky Law handle your case, you’ll have the full resources of one of the country’s most successful personal injury law firms behind you—and you’ll owe us nothing until your case is resolved and you have been compensated.

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