Uninsured car accidents in Milwaukee: 3 no win no fee lawyer tips Uninsured auto accident settlement amounts depend on the quality of your lawyer.

1. Uninsured driver at fault vs. Not at fault

If you made the mistake of telling the other driver or police “the accident was my fault”, an already disruptive car accident becomes even more complicated and painful. Hire a top Milwaukee car accident attorney with uninsured accident experience to help you understand your options.

2. Lapsed coverage: What happens next?

If you are uninsured due to lapsed insurance, let our knowledgeable attorneys review your policy and figure out your options. Gain peace of mind knowing that our professional case assessment is completely free.

3. Suing an uninsured driver for damages

Before you talk to anyone else, speak with one of our experienced car accident lawyers to accurately assign fault. Our accomplished auto accident lawyers will examine your case from every perspective to make sure you get the most advantageous achievable verdict, even if there is no insurance and no police report.

Hit by an uninsured driver? Need advice?

Insurance companies will only take you as seriously as the lawyer representing your case, and Warshafsky Law has a reputation for fighting and winning against insurance companies. You may be entitled to compensatory damages under Wisconsin car insurance law that you can only win by having Milwaukee’s most dedicated legal team on your side.

No win, no fee. You will not pay one penny until YOU receive compensation.

All of our cases are no win, no fee. Time is of the essence in the aftermath of a car accident in Wisconsin. The sooner you contact us for a FREE case assessment, the greater the chances of building a strong case for the claim you may be entitled to. Don’t listen to anyone who says you don’t have a case until our legal team has performed a thorough investigation to uncover your most favorable outcome. The name Warshafsky Law carries weight in Wisconsin, because we have unmatched devotion to our clients AND the resources to see your case through. Schedule a meeting with an experienced car accident attorney today for a free consultation.

Never go the journey alone

Never make a pain and suffering claim without a lawyer. The car insurance lawyers at Warshafsky have your back in helping you obtain maximum compensation for your case.

Injured? it is about the money®