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Glendale Car Accident Lawyers, Statistics & Interactive Map

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Glendale car Accident lawyersGlendale is a well-developed, upscale Milwaukee suburb with established businesses all along Port Washington Avenue and Green Bay Road (Hwy. 57). Traffic is often heavy. On-ramps and off-ramps from I-43 are often tightly congested. In addition to traffic congestion, drunk driving is a distressingly common occurrence. In 2011, a fatal auto accident occurred at the intersection of Good Hope Road and North Seneca Avenue. In 2010, another fatal car crash happened along West Hampton. Congestion in Glendale at the intersection of Silver Spring Drive and I-43 have led to serious and fatal accidents. 

Personal Injury Lawyers in Glendale Provide Outstanding Professional Results For Crash Victims

Still, accidents are relatively rare. When they happen, Glendale residents want the best personal injury representation. The Glendale personal injury lawyers from The Warshafsky Personal Injury Law Firm have established an outstanding reputation for winning large settlements for accident victims. While there are many law firms with roots in the area, none have the proven track record of success earned by Warshafsky.

Free Consultation with Glendale Car Accident Lawyers

Glendale residents appreciate the opportunity for a free consultation to explain the details of their serious auto crash along with describing the extent of their injuries. Car collisions can be very costly. The repair expenses pale in significance with medical costs of emergency treatment and months, or even years, of ongoing therapy. Usually there is also a significant loss of income. These factors all drive up the ultimate cost of the accident, not to mention the emotional toll on the individual and the family. A “sign and settle” law firm is more likely to simply get your case off the books with a goal to merely win a claim, not fight for a claim which is large enough for you to put your life back together again.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Glendale Car Accident Lawyers Cost Nothing Unless You Win

The outstanding staff at Warshafsky has experts who deal effectively with every aspect of serious and fatal car accidents. They investigate legal precedents which have a direct bearing on your success. The personal injury lawyers at Warshafsky work on a no-win no-fee basis. The client pays nothing until and unless compensation is received. We consistently secure maximum compensation for our clients—whether through settlement negotiations or through a court ruling. Detailed and relevant professional perspectives add depth to properly evaluate and validate your claim. Our powerful, experienced team all work on your behalf. Our approach has been proven to be most effective in securing the greatest possible compensation for victims who might be injured in Glendale car accidents.

At Warshafsky, We Never “Sign and Settle” To an Inadequate Offer

Don’t make the mistake of retaining a “sign and settle” personal injury law firm. These are the ones which advertise the number of personal injury cases they “successfully” handle. The problem is their willingness to take whatever the insurance company offers and their unwillingness to take the case all the way to trial before a judge and jury. You may receive a settlement earlier, but it will be much less than would have been offered or awarded had more thorough work been done to prepare your case. A less-than-adequate settlement could mean you spend the rest of your life with insufficient funds to pay medical expenses and therapy from your injuries.

Our personal injury lawyers work on a no-win no-fee basis. The client pays nothing until and unless compensation is received. Our personal injury lawyers carefully prepare each case with thoroughness unparalleled in the legal profession. Medical doctors are on staff, providing relevant details for each claim. The result is the strongest possible case for damages. Recognizing the power behind your claim, insurance companies will often offer a much greater settlement than would otherwise be the case.

When you’re injured in a severe Glendale car crash, It IS About The Money.®

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

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