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West Allis Car Accident Lawyers, Statistics & Interactive Map

Report a Car Accident in West Allis, WI

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West Allis Car Accidents: Heavy Traffic Causes Accidents

West Allis car accident lawyersWest Allis is bustling. Commercial activity has exploded along Highway 100. It’s a great location to open a business. Unfortunately, it’s also a great location for car accidents. Its intersections with Greenfield Avenue, National Avenue, Lincoln Avenue and Beloit Road each carry huge amounts of traffic. Traffic branching off of I-894 brings serious congestion to local roadways. Along with all this welcome expansion comes an unwelcome development – a large number of serious and fatal car accidents. High traffic counts cause a lot of wear on the roads, resulting in near-constant road repairs. The traffic cones and lane cutoffs are a constant concern. Accidents abound.

West Allis Car Accidents: Personal Injury Lawyers Help Local Victims

When West Allis residents are victims of a serious or even fatal auto accident, they look to the superb personal injury attorneys at The Warshafsky Personal Injury Law Firm. The skilled, aggressive lawyers work hard to prepare each case as though it would go all the way to trial. The firm has earned an outstanding reputation for gaining excellent results for personal injury clients. These West Allis personal injury lawyers provide much-appreciated, much-needed service.

People drive along the highway, looking for the store they found on the internet. What they often find is the rear end of a vehicle in front of them. Coming out of a store parking lot into high-speed traffic can also be dangerous. Both rush hours are always hectic on weekdays. People are commuting to work. West Allis doesn’t have school buses, forcing parents to drive their children to school. Saturdays are often just as busy.

Victimized By Drunk Drivers in West Allis

Beloit Road, National Avenue and Greenfield Avenue all have relatively tight ramps to get onto and off of Highway 894. Merging can be a real challenge, especially during heavy storms. Another bane is the problem of drunk driving. Since 2000, nearly a third of all fatal auto accidents in West Allis have involved people driving under the influence. These auto collisions are usually severe, multi-car crashes due to driver unawareness or incapacitation. Often, victims suffer severe injuries.

Warshafsky Law has a superb team of car collision attorneys to help develop the strongest possible case for you. Our team includes lawyers, accident investigators and even doctors. Every aspect of your injury and claim is closely inspected for its legal significance. When fully developed, your case will be as close to airtight as we can make it. Warshafsky know how to build a solid claim.

Insurance companies know and respect Warshafsky. They have seen our personal injury lawyers win huge settlements for West Allis car wreck victims. The last thing they want to do is confront our attorneys in an actual trial before a judge and jury. The jury may be more sympathetic to the victim, resulting in a very large award. The insurance company lawyers will probably recommend a settlement offer before trial. Usually, the settlement amount will be much higher than otherwise would be offered to a lesser personal injury lawyer.

Even then, our West Allis car accident attorneys will not settle unless they feel the offer will be adequate compensation for your injuries. Many accidents result in ongoing medical issues. Continuing treatment may be required. Counseling might be necessary. Perhaps your ability to work has been limited or even eliminated. These costs can be truly significant. Your settlement must help you overcome them. You only have one opportunity to secure an appropriate award. Once the deal is done, there is no appeal.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

Free Consultations Offered to West Allis Auto Crash Victims

The West Allis personal injury attorneys at The Warshafsky personal injury law firm offer a free consultation for victims to discuss the details of their accident and resulting injuries. People truly appreciate this since serious accidents usually cause great expense and loss of income. Warshafsky operates on a no-win no-fee basis. Clients pay nothing if they don’t win in court.

West Allis is a great city. The community is full of great people. It is fortunate to have a great personal injury law firm like Warshafsky to help victims when accidents occur.

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