One of the biggest mistakes people make is trusting to the first thing they are told by an insurance company about whose policy and what coverage impacts their right to compensation. A personal injury law firm with an in-house accident investigator is well qualified to advise you on your best path to financial recovery.

Contingency fees means you pay nothing until you are compensated

Being injured through the carelessness of others puts you in a very difficult situation. Besides dealing with physical injury, your finances take a hit as well. Most Wisconsinites don’t have a $500 or $1000 dollar deductible set aside for emergency medical expenses. Add in bills from specialists and lost time from work and it’s no wonder there's no money left over to hire an attorney.

Free case evaluation with no upfront retainer fee

There are no monthly bills for our services. We are fortunate to have the wherewithal to fully fund your case through trial, and even through appeal if necessary. Only after you have received payment do we receive payment for our services via a percentage of the judgment or settlement reached. This percentage is further reduced in cases involving minors 18 or under.

Costs covered by the Warshafsky personal injury law firm

One of the many resources we have available to us is a team of experienced accident investigators. Our ability to delve into the details of an accident has enabled us to uncover critical facts and pieces of evidence missed by others. Sometimes your case payout depends on finding the right (insured) defendant to go after. In an injury case, there are often many parties and fault. A person or entity 50% responsible for causing your injury might not be on the hook for half your damages. In Wisconsin, many factors determine the worth of your damages – and their liability. 

Our Madison lawyers know how insurance companies think about costs

It also helps to have an attorney on staff who used to work for some of the very insurance companies we face in court every day. Knowing how they think and the tactics they use is to our extreme benefit. We have hired personal injury, vehicle, and asbestos attorneys away from insurance companies, specifically targeting the ones that gave us the biggest challenge in court.

Injured? it is about the money®

In personal injury, what is a lawyer contingency fee?

Most personal injury lawyers will receive a contingency fee as payment for their services. Contingency fees are not deducted until the final settlement is received, making the process easier for you, and for your lawyer. Contingency fees are often negotiable with your lawyer and are agreed upon at the beginning of the process.

Where will my personal injury settlement check be sent?

When you are allotted your settlement, the check will often be sent directly to your personal injury lawyer to streamline compensation—especially to you. Once costs of the case have been subtracted, the contingency fee is deducted as payment by your lawyer, and you will receive your settlement.

What should I ask my potential personal injury lawyer?

What type of cases do you typically handle? How long have you practiced personal injury law? Do your cases always settle out of court, or do you prepare cases for trial? Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should feel confident in their ability to prepare your case for court, as this tenacity will win you a larger settlement, even if the case never goes to trial.

How much do personal injury lawyers charge?

Warshafsky personal injury lawyers charge only one fee: a contingency fee, which is not paid until you receive compensation. This is a percentage based on the complexity of your case.

Have Warshafsky personal injury attorneys received any awards?

Warshafsky attorneys have received both national and local recognition. Several of our attorneys have achieved the status of “Super Lawyers” and have been listed in publications such as Best Lawyers in America, and in the Milwaukee Magazine Best of the Bar polls of judges and lawyers.

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