Motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers in Madison, WI Motorcycle accident personal injury attorneys in Madison

What do I do after a motorcycle crash?

6-step checklist after a motorcycle accident:

  1. Get out of harm’s way, then call 911 for serious injury of any party
  2. If able. collect names, plates and crash photos for evidence
  3. Contact an experienced trial attorney, ideally one with an accident investigator on staff
  4. Don't accept any first settlement offers by insurance companies
  5. Take steps to prepare your case for trial with your legal team even if you end up settling for a fair amount
  6. Collect compensation for all the damages (property damage, medical expenses, loss of wages, pain & suffering +more)

Madison motorcycle accident attorneys delivering results

Motorcycle crashes cause irreparable injuries such as a broken foot or other injuries that limit mobility. Warshafsky procures the largest verdicts and settlements from cycle manufacturers and insurance companies. In Wisconsin, motorcycling is both a popular means of transportation and a recreational pastime enjoyed by thousands. Yet insurance companies and their lawyers often try to brush off motorcycle injury claims by citing the “inherent danger” of motorcycling. Injuries incurred as a result of someone else’s bad actions deserve fair compensation. If an insurance company thinks your attorney won’t take them to court, you will be offered a lower settlement.

Negligent drivers cause accidents - Warshafsky secures maximum compensation

Whether the driver was drunk, distracted, reckless or unlicensed, Warshafsky law firm delivers the highest possible compensation. If the settlement offered isn't what you deserve, our lawyers with years of real trial experience are ready to fight for you in court. Motorcycle accident lawsuits may also be classified under:

Everyone has seen drivers talking and texting on cell phones, fidgeting with makeup and trying to eat while behind the wheel. In any car vs. motorcycle scenario, we all know a motorcyclist will be more vulnerable to severe injuries than the driver of the car. Typically, the insurance company makes an initial offer of settlement for a motorcycle injury claim that’s insufficient for covering your damages. If your motorcycle has been involved in a car accident, you'll need professional legal help.

Our reputation for being ready, willing and able to aggressively pursue a case in court sets us apart from other law firms. Insurance companies tend to make a higher settlement offer if they think a case may end up in court. By preparing your case as if it WILL be going to trial, Warshafsky Law puts you in a much better position to get the highest possible payout for your claim. Whether or not a trial ensues, Warshafsky attorneys fight for everything you deserve. Whether you were injured on a motorcycle, a bicycle or on foot, we will be here when you need us.

Insurance policies involving motorcycles are often confusing, especially when there is a question as to whether contact was made with another vehicle. If a large or commercial truck is involved, the complications become much worse. Warshafsky Law Firm navigates the complexities of insurance policies and investigates claims to get the highest judgments for our clients. Our expertise with difficult personal injury litigation in Madison allows us to help you fully understand every aspect of your case and make informed choices about how it proceeds. Warshafsky attorneys have handled every type of injury case, from a broken foot, to spinal injuries, paralysis, amputation and even wrongful death. No matter what the injury, Warshafsky Law prepares a strong case and fights for full monetary compensation.

Injured? it is about the money®


No legal fees until your claim is paid

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you will likely be contacted by law firms soliciting your business. These firms are not interested in getting the highest possible judgment for your case. They only want to settle quickly, collect their fees and move on to the next client. Do not hire any law firm until you have had a free consultation with Warshafsky Law Firm. We evaluate your case and help you understand the litigation process. If you decide to hire us, you have no legal fees until your claim is paid.

More than 60 years of legal expertise makes a difference

The key to being one of Madison’s top personal injury law firms is winning the most money for everyone who puts their trust in us. Warshafsky personal injury and wrongful death attorneys build every case as though it will go to trial—and even to appeal, if necessary. This puts wrongful defendants in a weaker position. They would rather offer a higher settlement than face the uncertainty of potentially larger losses as the result of a trial. Whether your case goes to court or not, Warshafsky personal injury lawyers WILL prevail in securing the highest compensation possible to relieve the financial burden your accident has caused you and your loved ones.

How long do personal injury negotiations take?

It all depends. It’s rare that the first settlement offer made by an insurance company adequately addresses the expenses you’ve incurred and the income you’ve lost as a result of the accident. There is usually a series of offers and counteroffers. To give you some idea, though, it can take anywhere from weeks to months just for an insurance company to contact you about a settlement. During this time, they’re investigating the accident and making a determination as to who was responsible. The insurance company of the at-fault driver will frequently drag out their investigation in an attempt to make the injured party anxious and more willing to accept whatever settlement they offer. You’re under no obligation to accept the first settlement offer an insurance company makes, and in most cases you’re better off not accepting it. Having a good personal injury attorney handling the negotiations is the best way to ensure you aren’t shortchanged by your insurance company.

What is the average payout for a motorcycle accident?

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you either already have or will shortly be getting medical bills. Filing a personal injury claim may be the only way to get fair compensation. Since all cases have their own unique circumstances, the payouts on settlements and judgments vary significantly. The only research done on this is from a Thomson Reuters survey, which showed that between 1999 and 2006 the average motorcycle accident settlement was $73,700. Obviously, this dollar amount is virtually irrelevant at this point in time. Warshafsky Law has secured settlements and judgments for motorcycle accident injury victims well in excess of that $73,700 figure. Learn more about how we’ve helped injured motorcyclists get the compensation they deserve.

What do I do if my insurance company settlement is less than the value of my motorcycle?

It’s unfortunate, but if your bike was totaled in an accident the insurance company is only going to value your bike by the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) guide. They will not take into account any aftermarket parts, custom paint, or chroming that you’ve had done to your bike. And they’re definitely going to pay you what it would cost to replace the bike you currently own, just as you have it set up. In many cases, the settlement amount offered may be lower than what you still owe on the bike. The only way to ensure you get what your bike is truly worth (to you) is if you have gap insurance, which pays the difference of what the motorcycle is worth and what you owe on it, or if you have insured the bike for a certain amount (aka schedule or stated value). Many policies offer protection for accessories that have been added to the bike. Just be sure to keep your receipts for any accessories or aftermarket parts you’ve installed on your bike.

I was a passenger on a motorcycle that crashed. Is the driver liable for my injuries?

As an accident victim, you can file a personal injury claim against the operator of the motorcycle, the driver of the other vehicle (assuming another vehicle was involved), or both. If the motorcycle you were riding on was the only vehicle involved, it will likely be a negligence case. The exception is if some mechanical defect on the motorcycle caused the operator to crash. If the motorcycle you were on was hit by another vehicle, you can file a claim against both the other driver and the operator of the motorcycle (unless only one of the operators was at fault). If the driver who caused the crash speeds off and cannot be found, you obviously cannot file a claim against this driver. This often happens when a car cuts off a motorcycle in a way that results in a crash. In such cases, you may be able to file a claim for a hit and run accident under the motorcycle operator’s uninsured driver insurance policy.

Do I have to take my bike to the repair shop the insurance company recommended?

No, you can have your bike taken to any repair shop of your choosing. The repair shop an insurance company recommends is usually on their so-called “preferred list” because the insurance company has negotiated a discount of some sort to keep their costs down. Their costs, not your costs. If there is a shop you’ve worked with before and you know they’ll do a good job on your repairs, you can tell the insurance company that’s who you want doing the work on your bike.

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