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Can I sue my employer for a workplace injury?

In most cases, no. Workers' compensation is often the only way you can receive money for your injuries. This can be discouraging for many employees who suddenly find themselves injured and unable to work. Even though you cannot "sue" your employer or co-workers, you do have the right to file a workers' compensation claim. Workers' comp. claims provide compensation for lost time benefits, medical expenses, and permanent disabilities. Workers' compensation benefits can still be significant, and we suggest you bring those claims with the help of an experienced workers' compensation attorney. 

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Milwaukee personal injury attorneys for workplace accidents

Work accidents result in employers and their insurers becoming morally obligated to restore the injured employee to health through medical coverage. Combining physical pain and rehabilitation efforts with a deprived income often results in undue stress on injured workers and their families. You deserve the chance to regain your health without going bankrupt from medical bills.

Many employers work to avoid claim payments of any amount to protect their bottom line. Some will even terminate employees over the cost of medical care and the inability to do their job. If your employer is avoiding payment for a work-related injury, Warshafsky personal injury attorneys can take your case to court and win maximum settlements. Our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers have extensive experience with workers’ rights, workers’ compensation, injuries caused by a coworker, and workplace injuries, including both physical and psychological injuries. Warshafsky Law Firm in Wisconsin understands how to make sure insurance companies and employers do not withhold workers’ compensation benefits in instances where they are required.

Types of workplace accidents

Accidents can happen at any workplace, though construction site accidents are among the most common in Wisconsin. If you have been exposed to asbestos the mesothelioma lawyers at Warshafsky have earned financial compensation for victims of asbestos exposure. Paralysis accidents are also prevalent in construction site accidents. Contact paralysis attorneys Milwaukee to learn more.  

Workplace injuries with the possibility of a lawsuit:

Injuries caused by defective power tools including:

Common causes of workplace injuries

Most on-the-job injuries are caused by these factors:

  • Distractions while working
  • Hazardous work conditions
  • Exhaustion from overexertion
  • Negligence on behalf of the employer
  • Negligence on behalf of the worker

Many companies will try to place blame solely on the injured worker in order to avoid an expensive payout. Yet it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure your job site is safe to prevent accidents and injuries. In the worst scenarios involving fatalities of loved ones, our wrongful death attorneys will fight for the highest possible compensation.

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Your insurance OR employer's insurance might be liable

  • State Farm insurance settlement
  • GEICO insurance settlement
  • Allstate insurance settlement
  • American Family Insurance settlement
  • Progressive insurance settlement
  • Acuity Insurance settlement
  • West Bend insurance settlement
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance settlement
  • MetLife insurance settlement
  • Nationwide Insurance settlement
  • Partners Mutual Insurance settlement
  • The Hartford insurance settlement
  • Travelers insurance settlement
  • Erie Insurance settlement
  • USAA insurance settlement
  • CSAA insurance settlement
  • National Gerneral insurance settlement
  • Mercury Insurance settlement
  • Auto-Owners Insurance settlement
  • MAPFRE insurance settlement
  • Kemper insurance settlement
  • Farmers Insurance settlement
  • Auto Club insurance settlement
  • Artisan & Truckers Casualty Company insurance settlement
  • American Standard Insurance settlement
  • Amica Mutual insurance settlement
  • Infinity Auto Insurance settlement

One of the biggest mistakes people make is listening to the first thing they are told by an insurance company about what policy and what coverage impacts their right to compensation. The goal of the insurance company is to provide you a lowball offer to minimize their losses. A personal injury law firm with an in-house accident investigator is well qualified to advise you on your best path to financial recovery.

Suing a third party in addition to your workers' compensation claim

There are often many factors contributing to your workplace injury. In addition to workers' compensation, you may also be able to sue a third party for contributing to your injury. Some common examples of when you're able to sue a third party for your workplace injury include:

  • Egregious conduct at work: If an employer or coworker deliberately caused your workplace injury, then you have the option to sue them in civil court or collect money from a state fund.
  • Defective product: If your injury was caused by machinery or a piece of equipment at work that is defective or had failed to work properly, then it's considered inherently dangerous. You have the option to sue the manufacturer of the product as a means of warning your business and other employees of the danger.
  • Toxic substance: If you become severely ill or injured due to exposure to toxic chemicals at work, you have the option of filing a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for not making your workplace safe from toxic exposure.

Warshafsky Law can help you identify opportunities like these and achieve all the compensation you can. We are a powerful ally against insurance companies and employers trying to deny your claim. 

What is workers' compensation?

In Wisconsin, workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement & medical benefits. If you suffer a work-related injury or illness preventing you from doing your job, workers’ comp laws help pay medical bills and maintain your cost of living.

Why do I need a workers' compensation lawyer?

It's not uncommon for employers to dispute a work-related injury claim. A workers' comp attorney can help make sure you get all the money you need to cover expenses while you're unable to work during recovery. Without a workman's compensation lawyer, you might not get the money you need, or may miss out on money you're due.

What does a workers' compensation attorney do?

A Warshafsky workers' compensation lawyer will communicate with the workers' compensation insurer for you, gather necessary medical records and evidence to support your claim, negotiate a better settlement, and represent you at your workers' compensation hearing.

How much money can I receive from a workers' compensation settlement?

In 2018, the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) reported that the average settlement payout for workers’ compensations claims in Wisconsin was over $10,000. Experienced personal injury attorneys can get you the compensation you’re entitled to for your injuries.

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