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Get More Money: Maximize Your Insurance Settlement Claim in 2021

And One Surefire Way to Get the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Claim

This Practical Guide Can Help You Get a Higher Settlement from Your Insurance Company

Wisconsin Lawyers help win maximum settlement claimAmerican Family Insurance (aka AmFam) is a Fortune 500 company raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit on a yearly basis. Yet injured victims filing a claim with AmFam can have a hard time getting the compensation they need to recover from a devastating accident, including medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages.

Despite the name, American Family Insurance is a privately-owned, for-profit company whose primary interests are holding on to as much money as possible while minimizing payouts for insurance claims. Don't let American Family Insurance keep most of YOUR money. The easiest way to maximize your personal settlement claim is by hiring a personal injury lawyer to defend you against the insurance company, keep count of all your expenses you made throughout your case, and being careful with what you say to your insurance company since anything you say can be used against you.

Even less threatening injuries like whiplash can mean weeks of rehabilitation therapy, added bills, inability to work, etc. If you think the settlement is unfair, our top-rated lawyers can help you make a counteroffer and keep the insurance companies from lowballing you.

Big insurers take care of business. Warshafsky Law takes care of injured victims. 

Warshafsky Law understands how insurance companies operate because our legal team includes former insurance industry attorneys. Our experienced Milwaukee car accident lawyers go after big insurers to fight for the fair compensation of auto accident injuries.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim


When people choose their personal injury lawyer based on the endorsement of a football player or actor, they risk choosing an attorney who has never won more money in a courtroom. Settlement mills forward your paperwork and take a cut of your damages.

Hundreds of times we have prepared cases like yours beyond the brink of trial. Facing unlimited liability AND an expensive jury trial, insurance companies fess up what your case is worth. They HATE when you choose Warshafsky. Insurance companies know: it IS about the money.

#1.AmFam Claims Process & Customer Complaints

Like most insurers, AmFam streamlines the claim process, making it easy to file a claim by phone or online 24 hours a day. Their customer service representatives are trained to make the experience reassuring and convenient—as long as you go along with their lowball settlement offer.

What you MUST know when making an AmFam claim:

Never admit fault!

During the claim process, anything you say to a claims adjuster or customer service representative will be recorded and used to dispute your claim and undervalue your pain and suffering whenever possible.

Don’t let your guard down.

Always be polite and respectful when speaking to an insurance company rep, but don’t be fooled by a friendly nature or words of concern. It may be genuine and they may be a very nice person—many insurance company employees are—however they are also trained professionals calculating every word. Stick to the facts and don’t volunteer information.

Think twice before signing medical authorization forms.

An AmFam claim adjuster may ask you to sign medical authorization forms giving the insurer access to your medical records. It is extremely unwise to sign these forms without consulting an attorney.

Any details from your personal medical history—even if they are from many years ago or completely unrelated—will be investigated to see if they can be used to deny your claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer can determine which medical records must be provided to the insurance company, and when it’s appropriate to share them.

Consumer resource websites are filled with complaints about the AmFam claims process. Don’t add your voice to the chorus of unhappy customers—contact Warshafsky Law for a free case assessment and find out what your claim is really worth.

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#2.Settling an AmFam Claim without a Lawyer

When you choose to negotiate and settle your claim without a lawyer, you’re up against a small army of insurance professionals who navigate the claims process all day long.

The best way to protect your rights and collect the damages you need is by consulting a personal injury attorney and letting them handle the insurance company.

Tips for handling an insurance claim on your own:

A settlement check is just an offer.

In fact, it’s most likely a lowball offer the insurer is hoping you’ll take. But once you sign and deposit the check, you no longer have the right to pursue further compensation, even if you discover new injuries or expenses you weren’t aware of at the time.

Personal injury lawsuits have a statute of limitations.

Your one bargaining chip in the settlement negotiation process is your ability to pursue legal action to recover the money you deserve. But if time runs out you’re stuck with whatever the insurance company is willing to offer you.

Insurance companies don’t want injured victims to hire a lawyer.

Your insurer may tell you a lawyer isn’t necessary or won’t help your case. They may tell you “we can work it out” or “why pay a lawyer when we’re accepting responsibility”. When AmFam or any insurer says you don’t need a lawyer, what they mean is we don’t want you to get a lawyer.

No matter what they say, the insurance company definitely has many, many attorneys on staff. Warshafsky Law knows how insurers think, and we use our experience to protect your rights and increase your settlement.

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#3.How to Increase Your AmFam Settlement: 5 Simple Strategies

1. Before you speak to your insurer, do your homework.

Be ready to explain the reason for your injury claim and make specific points showing the value of your claim, including pain and suffering.

2. Document everything.

Keep every medical bill and receipts for prescription drugs, non-prescription medical expenses (bandages, braces), repair estimates, even your mileage driving to and from doctor appointments. Other personal injury claim costs include:

  • Future medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Car rental
  • Deductible
  • Hospital deductible
  • Chiropractic care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Subrogation

Subrogation is your health insurance company’s right to seek reimbursement for payments they made when another party is liable for the expenses. Personal injury attorneys with experience handling insurance company settlements can help auto accident victims account for and calculate their expenses to make sure they get the money they’re entitled to.

3. If you really want to maximize your settlement amount, decide the minimum you'll accept and stick to your guns.

You'll need to be patient because the insurance company has many deny, dispute and delay tactics. They're counting on you getting frustrated and settling for less than what you're entitled to.

Taking any settlement offer quickly just to get some money is tempting when the bills are piling up. But five years from now when your back starts acting up again, you may regret signing away your right to further compensation for pain and suffering. The more serious your injury, the more reason you have to consult a personal injury attorney.

4. Keep your guard up.

It's safe to assume every phone conversation you have with an insurance company representative is being recorded. If you inadvertently say something they can use to dispute your claim, they will. If you feel frustrated or flustered while dealing with a claim adjuster, ask to speak to a supervisor or call back another time.

5. Keep good records.

Follow up phone conversations with a short email confirming statements and promises made by the insurance rep. Keep a written record of your actions by communicating by letter or email with your insurer during the claim process. You may need to defend the timeliness or accuracy of your submissions, and if you do you'll have the evidence.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

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#4.Relentless Personal Injury Attorneys Taking on Big Insurance—and Winning

Our experienced personal injury attorneys fight to protect injured victims & win the compensation you need to recover from your accident.

Other “sign and settle” law firms make it easy for insurance companies by making a deal and taking their cut at your expense. Warshafsky Law prepares every case to WIN at court, and our track record for wining huge settlements in pain and suffering verdicts in jury trials is well-known to insurance giants.

Insurance companies fear expensive legal battles and the risk of a jury trial determining your settlement amount. Get the money you deserve for your personal injury claim starting with a free consultation.

Don’t wait—contact Warshafsky's no win no fee personal injury lawyers insurance companies fear!
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