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Broken Bone Injury Attorneys Recover Medical Costs through Settlement or Judgment

Broken Bone Injury Attorneys MilwaukeeBroken bones are one of the most common injuries seen in Milwaukee emergency rooms. Causes range from slips and falls to vehicle accidents to physical assault. Fractures (the medical term for broken bones) are classified based on how the bone breaks and whether the fractured bone breaks through the skin or not. Some common types of bone fractures are:

  • Stable fractures—clean break, broken pieces line up
  • Transverse fractures—broken piece of bone is at a right angle to the normal alignment
  • Oblique fractures—fracture with an angled or curved pattern
  • Comminuted fractures—bone shatters into 3+ pieces
  • Displaced fractures—the broken pieces of bone do not line up
  • Non-displaced fractures—bone breaks part or all of the way through but doesn’t move out of place
  • Open fractures (compound fractures)—bone fracture with an open wound on the skin (higher risk of bone infection)
  • Closed fractures—no open wound or puncture on the skin
  • Buckled fractures (impacted fractures)—the ends of the broken pieces are pushed together
  • Spiral fractures (torsion fractures)—bone is broken by torque (rotating force)
  • Stress fractures—a hairline crack in the bone

The most common symptom of a broken bone is extreme pain in an area subjected to some type of blunt force trauma. The area is usually swollen and bruised from the impact. Even lightly touching the area is excruciatingly painful. With proper medical care, most adults recover from a fracture within a few months, although there may be lingering problems for some time.

In most cases, a broken bone requires taking time off from work for treatment and follow-up care. There may also be extensive physical therapy involved. If your broken bones were caused by the negligence or malfeasance of others, the Milwaukee personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law will fight for you to ensure the highest possible compensation for your medical expenses and time lost from work.

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