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Concussion Injury Lawsuits: Call Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorneys to Get the Maximum Compensation

Concussion Injury Lawsuits MilwaukeeA concussion, also known as MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury), is generally caused by a blow to the head and results in temporary confusion or dizziness. It can also be caused by an injury or activity that causes one’s head to be violently shaken around. Loss of consciousness is common with concussions, although you can have a concussion without losing consciousness.

Concussion Injury Lawsuits Milwaukee

If you follow NFL football, you’ve probably heard about all the concussion lawsuits. While these high-profile cases get plenty of attention, there are far more concussions suffered in daily life. A concussion could be caused by anything from a auto accident injury to an aggressive bouncer. If you’ve hit your head and things don’t seem quite right, your first course action should be to seek medical attention. Afterward, contact Warshafsky Law.

In legal circles, Warshafsky Law is known for fighting tooth and nail for our clients. If there are grounds for suing to recover your medical costs and lost time from work, no one will work harder to ensure you get the maximum financial compensation possible for your injury.

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