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Filing Suit for Construction Site Injuries in Wisconsin


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Construction Site Injury Lawyers in WisconsinConstruction sites typically involve a lot of heavy equipment and tools that can cause serious injury. In addition to other workers on the job site, there are people off-site who sometimes have a role in injuries sustained on-site—such as engineers, architects and suppliers. If you’ve been injured on the job and believe it was caused by the negligence of any of these people, you may be able file suit against not only those responsible, but also their employer.

The 4 Things Any Personal Injury Lawsuit Must Show

In any personal injury lawsuit, four things need to be proven. In law, these are summarized under “harm,” “cause,” “duty,” and “breach.”  This is an overview of these 4

  1. You were caused harm
  2. A person or a business acted (or failed to act) to cause you harm
  3. It was the duty of those who caused you harm to protect you
  4. Their failure of duty represents a breach
Injured? It IS About The Money ® Injured? It IS About The Money ®
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Understanding the Role of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Usually, injuries incurred by construction workers make them eligible for workers’ compensation. If you can show you were injured on the job, you’re eligible. Employers pay workers’ compensation insurance, and from this pool of money the claims of injured workers are paid. The workers’ comp claim reimburses you for medical expenses, lost wages, and provides for partial or permanent disability payments.

In most cases, you cannot file for workers’ compensation and also sue your employer. Workers’ compensation was designed to provide for immediate and ongoing care of workers injured on the job, and it usually does this quite well. The only thing it doesn’t offer an injured worker that a lawsuit would is punitive damages. Most injured workers opt for workers’ compensation, however, as it provides immediate financial relief and avoids the uncertainness of a lawsuit.


If your employer intentionally, recklessly or illegally caused your injury, you can file suit against them and collect workers’ compensation. If found guilty, your employer can be held liable for a 15% increase in your workers’ comp settlement. This increase, however, is capped at $15,000. To do this, you need to prove your employer failed to use proper safety equipment, violated safety regulations, or disobeyed an established safety rule.

It should be noted, though, that if you are found to have also been reckless with your own safety, you can be subject to a 15% decrease in your workers’ compensation payments.

Filing Suit Against a Third Party for a Construction Site Injury

If someone other than your employer or a coworker caused you injury due to their negligence on the job site, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against them concurrent with a workers’ compensation claim. For instance, if a driver for a company other than your employer is driving recklessly and runs into you, or if the bulldozer you are operating causes injury due to a faulty design, you can file suit not only for financial damages but also for punitive damages—which can dramatically increase the total compensation you end up with.

Warshafsky Law always looks for all possible parties who can be held liable for your injuries. Often, we’re able to identify multiple parties who can be held liable for an injury.

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