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Maximum personal injury settlement from Progressive InsuranceProgressive Corporation, better known as “Progressive” to car insurance customers, sells itself as the innovator of the insurance industry. Progressive is one of the five biggest U.S. auto insurance providers, a Fortune 500 company collecting billions of dollars every year in revenue.

Progressive Insurance succeeds at making shopping for auto insurance policies simple and convenient. But when it’s time to cover the cost of your auto accident or hit and run accident, it may not be as quite as easy for injured car accident victims to collect the compensation they deserve. Maximize your settlement by not accepting the insurance initial offer and hiring an aggressive lawyer to help you calculate all the expenses throughout your case.

Even less threatening injuries like whiplash can mean weeks of rehabilitation therapy, added bills, inability to work, etc. If you think the settlement is unfair, make a counteroffer and don't let the insurance company lowball you.

No matter what an insurance company calls itself, the bottom line is the same: they say and do whatever it takes to make auto accident claims go away for as little money as possible. Warshafsky's top-rated team of Milwaukee auto accident lawyers, on the other hand, will fight for your right to fair compensation. 

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®


When people choose their personal injury lawyer based on the endorsement of a football player or actor, they risk choosing an attorney who has never won more money in a courtroom. Settlement mills forward your paperwork and take a cut of your damages.

Hundreds of times we have prepared cases like yours beyond the brink of trial. Facing unlimited liability AND an expensive jury trial, insurance companies fess up what your case is worth. They HATE when you choose Warshafsky. Insurance companies know: it IS about the money.

#1.How to Get Through the Progressive Claims Process without Losing Your Mind—or the Money You’re Entitled To

Reporting a claim with Progressive is easily done online, over the phone or using the mobile app. Insurance companies are eager to make filing a claim as easy and fast as they can for you—hoping you'll quickly accept a lowball offer so they can cross your claim off their ledger.

You can expect a liability examiner from Progressive to interview everyone involved in the accident and gather further information from:

  • Accident location photos and measurements
  • Witness statements and police reports
  • Independent repair estimate research
  • Anything you tell them

The bottom line: insurers will seek out information they can use to deny, dispute or delay your claim in order to save money. Expressing concern for your situation may be genuine, but telling you they’ll take care of you is a strategy.

The smart way to handle a conversation with a claims adjuster is to be polite, be wary and do your homework. If you get a phone call soon after your accident, you aren’t required to make a statement. Ask for their number and call them when you’re ready.

The best way to avoid being taken advantage of by insurance company tactics is to consult an attorney and let a professional handle communication going forward to increase your settlement amount.

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#2.Should You Settle Your Progressive Insurance Claim without a Lawyer?

Before deciding to handle your claim without legal help, it’s best to be aware of the risks you take by speaking to a claims adjuster without an attorney.

The claims process has many pitfalls for the inexperienced. If you decide to go it alone, be cautious and get informed about common insurance company practices used to keep you from getting a fair settlement.

DIY Insurance Claim Tips:

Keep your guard up.

It’s safe to assume every time you talk on the phone to anyone at your insurance company, it’s being recorded. Even a small inconsistency in your answers or an innocent mistake can be used to deny or dispute your claim, decreasing the amount you could receive for pain and suffering.

The rep or claims adjuster may be a very nice person—but don’t take your eyes off the bottom line. They probably are a nice person, but everything they say and do is calculated to minimize or dismiss your claim.

Get it in writing.

Communicate with your insurer by letter or email to create proof of your actions. Follow up phone conversations with a short note to confirm the statements and promises made by the representative. If the insurance company later disputes the accuracy or timeliness of your submissions, you’ll have evidence to help win your Progressive insurance claim.

Know what you’re up against.

Negotiating with a giant insurance company isn’t like haggling with a used car dealer. Any company representative you talk to is backed by legions of professionals (including attorneys) dedicated to limiting or eliminating settlements.

Know your limits.

There’s a statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits, and your ONE bargaining chip is your ability to pursue legal action if an acceptable settlement amount can’t be reached. But once time runs out, you’re stuck with whatever they feel like offering you. Insurance companies have many delay tactics for this very reason.

After an accident, you get ONE chance to recover the damages you need to put your life back together. Your best chance of getting a fair settlement offer from Progressive is with an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.

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#3.5 Ways to Increase Your Progressive Insurance Settlement Payout

The best way to improve your odds of a fair payout from an insurer is to contact a personal injury lawyer and let a professional deal with the legions of trained representatives and attorneys working for the insurance company.

Although a lawyer is far and away from your best bet, there are some tips you can try to help you increase your settlement amount:

1. Be prepared

Be able to explain the reason for your claim and to prove the value of your pain and suffering with specific points.

2. Save receipts

And medical bills, recent paystubs, mileage driving to and from the doctor and anything else to show the value of your claim.

3. Stay cool

When you get a lowball offer (and you WILL), stay calm and be polite. The rep you speak with may only be authorized to offer up to a certain amount. If necessary, ask to speak to a different claim adjuster or supervisor.

4. Go the distance

Insurers KNOW you’re facing a growing pile of medical expenses and unpaid bills. They count on the financial stress and frustration with the process to work in their favor. Don’t fold, and don’t sign a check for less than you deserve.

5. Know what your claim is worth

Some costs are easy to identify, like your hospital bills and car repairs. Calculating lost wages and pain and suffering is far more complicated.

Additional personal injury claim costs to consider:

  • Property damage
  • Car rental
  • Deductible
  • Hospital deductible
  • Non-prescription medical expenses (bandages, braces, etc)
  • Chiropractic care
  • Future medical expenses
  • Subrogation

Subrogation means if someone else is at fault for your injuries, your health insurance company has the right to seek reimbursement for their payments.

Consulting with an attorney on your claim ensures you don’t get stuck paying for expenses you deserve to have covered in your settlement. To find out what your claim is really worth, contact an experienced attorney at Warshafsky Law today.

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#4.Aggressive Car Accident Lawyers Intimidate Insurance Companies

The fact is, any insurance company is highly unlikely to offer you a fair settlement amount without a fight. Many “sign and settle” lawyers who brag about how many injured people they’ve helped are only cooperating with insurers to collect a quick fee.

Warshafsky personal injury attorneys prepare each case to WIN at trial, and our track record proves we can do it. Insurance companies know us and typically respond by offering a much larger settlement than you’d be likely to get on your own (or with toothless representation).

We understand the financial stress accident victims feel and can help relieve the pressure while fighting for fair compensation.

Contact the no win no fee car accident lawyers at Warshafsky today for a free case evaluation, and stand up for your right to be compensated fairly.
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