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Get More Money: 3 Tips for Maximizing Your Insurance Claim Settlement

One Surefire Way to Get the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Claim

This Practical Guide Can Help You Get a Higher Settlement from Your Insurance Company

Maximize State Farm Insurance ClaimState Farm is the biggest auto insurer in the nation, making hundreds of millions in profit each year. The best way to maximize the settlement amount against an insurance company is by having an understanding of what aspects of your case are in your control which all starts by saving all evidence. The Warshafsky personal injury legal team includes former insurance industry attorneys, and we know insurance companies don’t make huge profits by offering to pay the full value of customers’ claims. Not without a fight.

Even less threatening injuries like whiplash can mean weeks of rehabilitation therapy, added bills, inability to work, etc. If you think the settlement is unfair, make a counteroffer and don't let the insurance company lowball you.

State Farm isn’t evil, but they are a business first and a “good neighbor” second. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck or hit and run accident, your best chance of recovering the money you deserve is with an experienced Milwaukee auto accident lawyer. Like the best kind of neighbor, Warshafsky Law's top-rated attorneys protect your rights.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®


When people choose their personal injury lawyer based on the endorsement of a football player or actor, they risk choosing an attorney who has never won more money in a courtroom. Settlement mills forward your paperwork and take a cut of your damages.

Hundreds of times we have prepared cases like yours beyond the brink of trial. Facing unlimited liability AND an expensive jury trial, insurance companies fess up what your case is worth. They HATE when you choose Warshafsky. Insurance companies know: it IS about the money.

#1.The Insurance Claim Process: Dealing with a State Farm Claims Adjuster

You can report your State Farm claim online, using their mobile app, calling an 800 number or contacting your agent. During the claim process with State Farm, you can expect anyone you meet—a customer service representative, liability examiner or claims adjuster to assure you they are working for your best interest. Don’t fall for it.

Key points to keep in mind to protect your rights during the claim process:

Don’t admit fault or volunteer information.

Anything you say to any State Farm representative will be recorded and if possible used to dispute or deny your claim.

The insurance company will collect information from the accident scene, witnesses, police reports and more. Whenever possible, the information they gather will be used to delay, dispute or deny your claim.

It is extremely unwise to sign medical authorization forms without consulting an attorney.

A State Farm claim adjuster may ask you to sign medical authorization forms granting the insurance company access to your medical records. 

Even unrelated or long-past details from your personal medical history can be used to deny or dispute your claim. Remember: although the person you are speaking with may be very nice, the job of every insurance company employee is to make your claim go away for as little money as possible.

An experienced personal injury attorney can determine which medical records must be provided and when it's appropriate to share them with the insurance company to protect your right to collect for pain and suffering in an auto accident.

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#2.Handling a State Farm Claim without an Attorney

Insurance adjusters are trained and practiced at settling injury claims quickly and making your payout as small as possible. The best way to handle a claims adjuster is to speak to a personal injury attorney first and let them deal with the insurance company from then on.

If you choose to settle your claim on your own, there are important things to keep in mind:

A printed settlement check is only an offer.

It’s not a definitive statement of the value of your claim. Usually, it’s a lowball offer they hope you’ll take.
Once you deposit the check, the case is closed and you can never pursue further compensation for your injuries.

Everything an insurance company representative says and does (including expressing concern for your well-being AND deliberately wasting your time) is calculated to achieve one goal: make money for their employer and make your claim go away.

There is a statute of limitations on personal injury claims.

If you run out of time to file a lawsuit, your one bargaining chip is lost and you will have to take whatever settlement amount State Farm offers.

Your best chance of getting the settlement amount you deserve is with a determined personal injury lawyer. When you negotiate with a big insurer like State Farm you’re up against legions of highly trained professionals—including teams of lawyers.

If an insurance company representative advises you not to speak to an attorney, don’t listen.

It’s in their best interest for you to settle your claim on your own. They may tell YOU not to hire a lawyer, but rest assured they have dozens if not hundreds of lawyers protecting their own interests. Representation by an experienced personal injury attorney can increase your settlement amount.

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#3.5 Do’s and Don’ts to Increase Your State Farm Personal Injury Settlement

DO your homework.

Be prepared to explain the reason for your injury claim. If you can make specific points proving the value of your claim it demonstrates knowledge of the process and shows the claims adjuster you’re serious.

DO the math.

Save every medical bill, receipts for prescription or non-prescription medical expenses (braces, bandages), written repair estimates, mileage going to and from the doctor and any other related costs.

Costs to consider when calculating the value of your claim:

  • Property damage
  • Car rental
  • Deductible
  • Hospital deductible
  • Prescription drugs
  • Chiropractic care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical expenses
  • Subrogation

Subrogation means if you were injured in an accident resulting in damages, your health insurance company has the right to seek reimbursement for their payments.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

Don’t be rushed.

You WILL get a low-ball settlement offer, and settlement negotiations can drain your time and energy. Remember: while you’re stressing over the medical bills and other expenses piling up, the insurance company is earning interest every day they delay sending your check.

Making the process difficult and time-consuming is part of their strategy. Always be polite and respectful, and keep in mind the time limit for filing a lawsuit.

Don’t trust “sign and settle” lawyers.

A firm or attorney boasting about how many cases they’ve settled is probably a settlement mill. They’re quick to take their cut of an insurance payout and move on to the next case—regardless of whether the amount fairly compensates damages and pain and suffering.

DO consider talking to a personal injury attorney experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

Warshafsky Law has a reputation for winning huge settlement amounts and pain and suffering verdicts in jury trials, and our reputation typically prompts a much higher settlement offer from insurance companies. Don't take chances with your one chance to collect compensation--make sure your rights are protected and your State Farm claim is properly valued.

A free case assessment can help you understand the actual value of your injury claim. Five years from now when your whiplash injury starts acting up again, you may regret signing away your right to further compensation.

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#4.Fighting for Fair Compensation for Your State Farm Claim

An average victim bringing a claim against State Farm (or a victim represented by a sign-and-settle lawyer) will very likely settle for LESS than fair compensation.

Insurance companies like State Farm value your claim based on your lawyer. Many law firms are happy to cut a deal with insurers, take their cut, and show you the door.

The aggressive attorneys of Warshafsky prepare EVERY case to win at trial—and insurers know it. Even an industry giant like State Farm fears facing a law firm with a history of winning HUGE settlements in jury trials.

Contact Warshafsky to get a FREE case assessment today and take action to get the money you deserve for your injuries.
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How much will State Farm pay for pain and suffering?

State Farm does occasionally pay for pain and suffering, usually smaller amounts between $250-$1000. The typical payout for pain and suffering claims from any insurance company is less than $15,000.

How much does your insurance go up after an accident with State Farm in Wisconsin?

On average your State Farm insurance will go up by 18% after an at-fault car accident. In Wisconsin, the average yearly car insurance payments increased by 47% after an at-fault accident.

How long does it take State Farm to settle a claim in Wisconsin?

According to State Farm, it takes most people around two weeks to settle a claim. In Wisconsin, an insurance company has 30 days to pay a claim after receiving written notice reporting a loss. This is mandatory under Wisconsin law §628.46.

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