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Meticulous discovery, acquisition, documentation and preservation of evidence by Warshafsky’s nationally certified legal investigator makes your case a high risk monetary proposition for risk adverse insurance companies.

How Will My Personal Injury Case Develop?

Procedure outlining Milwaukee personal injury lawsuit process and how litigation process will occurEach case brings a unique set of circumstances to the table. At Warshafsky, many of the brightest legal minds in the state of Wisconsin prepare every aspect of your case to win in court.  

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

With Warshafsky personal injury firm your case will loosely follow a pattern.

  1. Clients contact our Milwaukee personal injury law firm via phone or the web to set up a confidential, free initial consultation.
  2. During the initial consultation we’ll collect information and prepare you for what comes next.
  3. We will collect as many details about the accident as possible. Warshafsky will utilize initial consultation information to find all possible causes, witnesses and evidence applicable to your lawsuit.
  4. We’ll begin documenting your injuries and have our certified accident investigator probe further into police reports, take pictures and obtain witness statements.
  5. Our lawyers will also draw upon relevant experts including medical doctors, industry-specific product liability specialists and any person capable of providing testimony to enhance the value of your case.

During our investigation, we’ll stay up to date on your medical progress. We’ll also want to know about your occupational status.  Missed time at work often leads to more money in both judgments and settlements. Settlement negotiation will be ever present even though unlike other Milwaukee personal injury attorneys, fast settlements are not our priority. We are always in preparation for full scale litigation, as Warshafsky’s trial preparedness causes insurers to make maximum settlement offers while enhancing judgment potential when we do go to trial. Our preparedness will strengthen your position throughout your lawsuit.

If the settlement offer is insufficient or your case warrants a trial to achieve maximum financial recovery we move into the “discovery phase”. The defendant’s attorneys may ask you to give testimony or answer written questions (known as interrogatories). We will make sure you are prepared.

Whether your case comes down to settlement, jury or judge, Warshafsky WILL get the highest monetary award for your injury and damages. Our process ends with reviewing and advising you about possible release forms. And getting the biggest possible check into your hands.

For a free initial consultation, and no fees unless you recover damages, contact a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer at Warshafsky Law Firm today.


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Warshafsky is a based-in-Milwaukee personal injury law firm serving the injured since the 1950s.

Warshafsky has brought hundreds of successful lawsuits against auto makers, drug companies and insurance companies. Many clients choose us in part because we are able and willing to fund a case fully through trial and even appeal. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. No other Wisconsin law firms boast a board-certified accident investigator and a doctor who is also a lawyer and an attorney who represented insurance companies.

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