Personal injury lawsuits & settlements: How to know if you need a lawyer Milwaukee personal injury lawsuits & settlements

If you are considering litigation, it IS About The Money. At Warshafsky, we fight smartly and tenaciously for every penny of personal injury compensation you are entitled to by Wisconsin Law. If you've been injured in an accident, you'll benefit from calling an expert Milwaukee personal injury attorney from Warshafsky Law. Our specialized and expert-of-all-expert knowledge of Wisconsin personal injury law gets clients the largest settlements and judgments.

Hiring an attorney forces insurance companies to pay

We advise all accident victims to be wary of initial settlement offers. Often, insurance companies will even avoid the word “offer” because it implies flexibility. Insurers send checks with release forms. The numbers on these checks are chosen for a reason. Insurance companies save money by getting you to accept the offer.

Expert Warshafsky Milwaukee personal injury lawyers understand how to maximize compensation. We will study legal precedent and the unique circumstances of your case to get you the FULL LEGAL WORTH of your injury. When Warshafsky gets involved, insurance companies typically increase their settlement offers hoping to avoid costly litigation and judgments. Warshafsky auto insurance claim lawyers excel at evaluating these offers and weighing them against expectations at trial.

Don't go the journey alone

Never make a pain and suffering claim without a lawyer. The personal injury, medical malpractice, asbestos cancer lawyers and slip and fall lawyers at Warshafsky have your back in helping you obtain maximum compensation for your case. In the worst scenarios involving fatalities caused by negligence, our wrongful death attorneys will compel those responsible to make restitution. Not even bad doctors are safe from our hospital malpractice attorneys, who ensure you're compensated for any pain and suffering sustained under their care. Our workman's comp attorneys work tirelessly to ensure a just settlement is reached for your case.

Every action our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys take is predicated on getting the MOST MONEY FOR OUR CLIENTS. You will get a free initial consultation. You will pay no fees for any services until a financial recovery is made.

Injured? it is about the money®