Frank Crivello | 60 sec

I’m Warshafsky’s Personal Injury Law Firms Frank Crivello. When you don’t think about it, it does make perfect sense. Football players throw balls and run fast. They must know who to hire if you’re injured. Actor’s wear costumes and pretend to be someone their not. Could there be better qualifications for recommending a lawyer? Yes there are. Regardless of your career Warshafsky is the firm to recommend when someone has suffered the kind of injury or damages that no insurance company or business is going to willing pay. Warshafsky has 65 years of winning massive judgments at trial. Prevailing before the Supreme Court insuring injured Wisconsinites are compensated. Forcing record settlements because bulletproof cases are horrifyingly risky for insurance companies. Warshafsky has tools that other firms can’t match. Like an attorney who’s also a licensed medical doctor and a nationally recognized certified legal investigator. So when you do think about it, it does make perfect sense. Who would you hire if you were a millionaire football player or actor?

Oh no!

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