Making Injured Wisconsinites Whole

Frank Crivello | 60 sec

I’m attorney Frank Crivello of the Warshafky Personal Injury Law Firm. Many personal injury firms operate a settlement clearing houses. It’s a low overhead except for the cost of marketing and profitable business model for a law firm. They advertise, take cases and negotiate settlements. They get paid their clients get paid everyone is happy or are they. If you have a multi-million dollar injury and settle for a few hundred thousand dollar your standard of living for the rest of your life will be terribly impacted. On the other side is Warshafsky from the moment we take your case we prepare to win at trial. Warshafsky is a collection of some of the most accomplished and award winning personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin. With the most experienced investigators and legal professionals backing their every move. Making injured Wisconsinites whole isn’t a game or an act. At Warshafsky it is our calling. We will hold defendants accountable in your case while making them pay.

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