Not Like a Box of Chocolates

Victor Harding | 60 sec

I’m Warshafsky trial attorney Victor Harding.

Personal injury law is not like a box of chocolates, there are no surprises. Insurers know your claim will be an inexpensively sweet treat with your sign and settle lawyer OR an expensive, for them, bitter pill to swallow facing Warshafsky.

Personal injury law is like football and acting. MVP players deliver wins. Academy Award-winning actors make stories real.

Intelligent, experienced, winning attorneys at Warshafsky deliver the largest settlements and judgments. Law is experiential. Warshafsky trial attorneys regularly take cases other attorneys refuse, winning millions for people with life-altering damages. Warshafsky trial attorneys make every case a high-risk monetary proposition for insurers. Injured? It’s no game or act. Who your attorney is very likely will have more impact on the compensation you receive than the facts in your case.

Oh no!

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