We Win at Trial

Victor Harding | 60 sec

I’m Victor Harding of the Warshafsky personal injury law firm. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. If your case isn’t prepared to go to trial by a great attorney, you get less compensation. It’s that simple.

Hi, I’m Frank Crivello of the Warshafsky law firm. If you’ve been injured, it IS about the money. The Warshafsky firm is intellectual, award-winning trial attorneys and expert investigators who win even the most challenging cases.

Most personal injury firms want to sign you on, then settle your case.

We prepare your case to win at trial, guaranteeing your best outcome. With Warshafsky on your side, the defendants in your personal injury case will feel the same fear and uncertainty you or your injured loved one do now.

And then they’ll pay

Oh no!

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