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I’m Warshafsky attorney Krista LaFave Rosolino. Attorneys at Warshafsky put our pants on one leg at time. Just like sign and settle lawyers only once are pants are on we win massive judgments and settlements for our clients. Warshafsky is like other law firms except we have Werner Reis an attorney and medical doctor and we win massive judgments and settlements. Warshafsky practices law like other personal injury firms except we prepare every case to win at trial and win massive judgments and settlements. Warshafsky attorneys enjoy fictional characters and football players like sign and settle lawyers do but we just speak for ourselves and win massive judgments and settlements for our clients. If you or a loved one is injured do you really need intellectual elite trial attorneys who have prevailed before the Supreme Court dozens of times, have been winning for 60 years, a nationally board certified investigator and an expert law staff who actually cares. Yes you do.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Warshafsky Wins Millions for Man Paralyzed in Milwaukee Bar Attack

$1.9 Million Verdict Award for Partially Paralyzed Man

It was a Thanksgiving evening and Jeffrey could feel the walls of his apartment closing in on him. With his wife out of town and no immediate family in the area, the 29-year old Sussex man headed into downtown Milwaukee to check out the bars. Little did he know when he entered Coney’s Island Bar it would be the last time he’d be able to walk without a cane.

As Jeffrey nursed a beer, he couldn’t help but notice a commotion brewing at a nearby table. It looked like a young couple having an argument, although as it turned out it was a brother and a sister. The argument became more heated, and the man suddenly punched his sister in the face. She collapsed onto the floor. Jeffrey ran over to see if he could help. No sooner had he knelt beside her, the girl’s brother grabbed a chair and smashed it over Jeffrey’s head.

When Jeffrey regained consciousness, he was in a hospital bed and unable to move his left arm or leg. The doctors told him his skull had been crushed, but the surgery to repair the damage had gone well. Unfortunately, the blow left Jeffrey paralyzed on his left side. There was nothing the doctors could do to remedy this.

Although Jeffrey could walk with a cane, his partial paralysis made it impossible for him to ever work again in his field as a welder. Without a steady paycheck, Jeffrey was soon drowning in medical bills and his marriage was on shaky ground. On the advice of a friend, he contacted the Milwaukee personal injury firm of Warshafsky Law.

Milwaukee Personal Injury Sues Property Owner for Negligence

After hearing Jeffrey’s story, we felt he had a strong case to file a personal injury suit against the tavern where he had been injured. He agreed to let us represent him on our customary contingency basis—paying only when and if he received compensation for his injury.

One of the keys to our success in representing clients is our ability to identify all those who can be held accountable for our clients’ injuries. In this case, we focused on the bar where the incident occurred. Attorneys for the bar and their insurance company contended it was another bar patron who caused Jeffrey’s injuries, not the bar, and made no attempt at settling the case out of court.

When the case went to trial, our experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys argued the bartender was negligent in his duties because it was obvious trouble was afoot and he did nothing to intervene on Jeffrey’s behalf. The bar’s defense boiled down to “Hey, don’t blame us for what some crazy patron did.” In the end, the jury agreed with us, and awarded Jeffrey $1.9 million (about $3.9 million in today’s dollars)—a huge relief for Jeffrey and another Society Changing Judgment for Warshafsky Law.

INJURED? It IS About The Money

After the award, Jeffrey moved back to Minnesota to live with his mother. As for the young man who brought the chair down on Jeffrey’s head, he wound up being sentenced to eight years in prison. It may be too much to ask, but we can only hope he learned some manners during his residency there.

The Warshafsky Difference: Ready, Willing and Able to Take Personal Injury Cases to Court

Head Trauma AttorneyYou may hear other personal injury law firms talk about how many cases they’ve settled for their clients. If you ever have the opportunity, ask them how many cases they actually take to court. Chances are it isn’t many.

Unlike other law firms, our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys aren’t quick to settle with the insurance companies we routinely go up against. We prepare every case from day one as if it will end up before a judge and jury, because this is where our clients stand to win the biggest awards. Our opponents know our reputation for being willing to take every case to court, so if settling is on their minds they know the lowball offers they make to “settlement mill” law firms won’t fly with us. 

When a case goes to court, our clients almost always walk away faring much better than they would have if they had taken a settlement offer. Sometimes, though, a settlement makes more sense. Particularly when clients have a Warshafsky personal injury attorney negotiating on their behalf.

Whatever your situation may be, Warshafsky Law always has your best interests at heart and will do whatever it takes to resolve your case in the manner most advantageous to you.

Milwaukee’s Best Personal Injury Attorneys—at No Upfront Cost to You

We handle many cases like Jeffrey’s—people who have suffered severe injuries, leaving them unable to work.  With medical bills piling up and no money coming in, hiring an attorney isn’t exactly in the budget. Which is why Warshafsky Law will take your case at no upfront cost to you whatsoever. Only when your case has concluded and you have received compensation do we ask for payment.

With Warshafsky Law, you get the best personal injury attorneys in Milwaukee at no financial risk to you at all. Take advantage of our free case assessment to learn more about how we can help make things right for you.  

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