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Warshafsky Uncovers Liability in Dog Bite Injury Claim

Warshafsky Dog Bite Liability Case Goes To Wisconsin Supreme Court

A 19 year old maintenance woman was tasked with cleaning dog kennels. She performed her daily duties before returning the dogs to their pens.  A Siberian Husky under the care of the kennel bit her hand, and the shredded skin lead to an infection. It took forty thousand dollars in medical bills to make the woman whole again.

Owner vs Kennel/Custodian: Who is liable for an injury caused by a dog bite?

Dog bite lawsuits fall under the umbrella of a tort. Any first-year law student can tell you a tort requires four elements: A DUTY (I) exists, there is a BREACH (II) of duty, and HARM (III) is done that is CAUSED (IV) by someone.

Legislators make laws defining who has a duty, lawyers and courts sort out how those laws apply to a given case. Cases become precedent and (theoretically) move towards consistency in application.

The maintenance woman’s case went all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court where it was decided that the kennel was liable as a temporary keeper, not the dog’s vacationing owner.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Injured? It IS About The Money ® Injured? It IS About The Money ®
Injured? Take Action

Getting the Most Money for your Dog Bite

Getting you compensated for your injuries means finding the pocket from where the money will come. Often it’s about finding the insurance company who has been collecting premiums for years and making every effort to forgo or minimize payment. Each insurance company will try to pin compensation on someone else - a property owner, a business, another person etc. Often those someone-elses have their own insurers playing the same game.

Private Investigation in Dog Bite Cases

Sometimes who is liable is not immediately clear. Certified private investigators like John Schatzman can examine the facts of a case, find witnesses and uncover sources of liability not immediately apparent to the untrained eye. If you were bit by a dog with a penniless uninsured owner there could be other people or businesses contributing to your injury whose insurers are responsible for damages.

There is absolutely no risk in having your case reviewed and assessed for free. Many clients choose Warshafsky for our willingness to go the distance at trial, appealing all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court where necessary to ensure you get the most compensation.

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