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Warshafsky Halts Production of Dangerous Unfinished Vehicles

Product Liability Attorneys Procure $3.3 Million for Milwaukee Family

In the vast majority of cases, perfectly healthy brains do not immediately endure damage without someone or something being physically responsible. A man and his daughter were nearing their home in Oconomowoc, WI after returning from a trip to Florida. The daughter was an intelligent young girl at the top of her class – that is, until her father’s car spun out of control on the freeway in Waukesha County, resulting in a tragic accident.

Suffering from severe head trauma, the girl’s permanent brain injury lowered her IQ by a disturbing number. Likewise her previously sharp memory is now shot. Some people might twist this accident into an example of how fathers are responsible for what happens to their children. Perhaps one might lie about how this car accident was the fault of another driver or how there was no one at fault in this kind of crash. Such is not the case. The fault was negligence on behalf of the auto manufacturer.

The girl’s family approached the personal injury attorneys at Wisconsin’s own Warshafsky Law Firm. As a personal injury case involving product liability, the settlement offer was nowhere near enough. A lowball offer cannot even pretend to make up for damages. The Warshafsky lawyers immediately prepared for trial against General Motors.

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Always a no-win, no-fee policy, the single Milwaukee car accident lawyers at Warshafsky spent 4 unpaid years preparing the case. The automobile which caused the crash was a Cadillac with only 4500 miles. After a five week trial, the Jury unanimously decided GM was 100% negligent. Over 360 exhibits were introduced proving the Cadillac’s control differential was already defective when the vehicle left the plant at General Motors. The girl and her family were awarded $3.3 million dollars.

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The Wisconsin personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky took General Motors to court and won substantially. After the verdict, the judge claimed out of ALL the cases he’d seen in his position, Warshafsky had prepared for trial better than any. This was at the time the largest personal injury award in the history of Wisconsin and certainly one of the largest nationwide concerning a product liability case.

Personal injury is inflicted in multiple forms, from brain injury to car accidents to product liability. Warshafsky's $3.3 million dollar, 1-car crash victory involved all three. A Society Changing Judgment was formed by this verdict, protecting more innocent families from the harm of prematurely-sold, defective vehicles.

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