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Warshafsky Fights for Child Born with Disability Due to Medical Negligence

Physicians’ Incompetence Results in Baby Being Born Blind and Mentally Impaired

3.9 Million SettlementA poor woman from the South Side and her unborn son became victims of negligence at Northwest General Hospital. While doctors on duty ignored her, mistakenly presuming the patient was in the care of another practitioner, she did not receive the drug those same physicians previously ordered she take to halt premature labor. Her son was born blind and mentally impaired. Along with the hospital, malpractice insurance companies Wisconsin Health Care Liability Insurance Plan and the Wisconsin Patients Compensations Fund were both defendants in the case.

As always, the Warshafsky Law Firm’s professional legal representation of the woman and her son was only made possible by our unbroken policy: we don’t get paid until you do. Warshafsky partners regularly front large amounts of money in legal fees over the course of the entire process, taking on all financial responsibility while our Milwaukee medical malpractice attorneys fight and win to receive compensation for your damaged rights. In the case of Northwest General Hospital and our wrongfully affected client and her son, she received a substantially higher offer the moment we came on board and began preparing for court.

Circuit Judge at the time Gary A. Gerlach approved the settlement of $3.9 million dollars to be paid out over 45 years, amounting to approximately $237.44 per day for the lifetime care of our client’s son and distraught family. Warshafsky’s Milwaukee personal injury attorneys achieved another one of their greatest results, a Society Changing Judgment.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

If a negligent doctor or hospital has caused intellectual disability (ID), intellectual development disorder (IDD), cognitive deficit or impairment, learning difficulty, or other mental disability, contact our medical malpractice attorneys to get the compensation you deserve.

Free consultations are available regarding medical liability lawsuits. Don’t let a faulty physician squeak by and continue profiting after having failed your trust. Warshafsky’s medical liability attorneys are ready for trial every single time. We only settle for the best.

Call our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers right now if you or your loved ones have suffered from medical malpractice.
Injured? It IS About The Money ® Injured? It IS About The Money ®
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