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Warshafsky Ensures Homeowners Get Compensation for Sewer Backup

Public Works Negligence Causes Sewage Backups

August of 1995 was unusually hot and muggy. It rained more than average, and city residents were already a bit irritable because of it. The last straw for many in Cudahy, St. Francis and Milwaukee came after an intense thunderstorm on a fateful Monday.

Flooding Leave Hundreds Down and Out

A power failure during the storm prevented a control gate from opening when a sewer line started to exceed its capacity. Instead of diverting sewage from a Jones Island treatment line that serves the Oak Creek plant, the system backed up. Making matters worse, the computerized office that monitors which gates are open also suffered a power failure, so the problem was not discovered until it was too late.

Frustration over Negligence

Hundreds of city residents experienced flooded basements and sewage backups. Some residents came home to several feet of raw sewage backed up into their homes, surrounding their possessions. These people each suffered at least one injury, including destruction and loss of property, temporary loss of use of the affected premises, loss of income, physical illness including nausea and infection. The annoyance and inconvenience was immeasurable.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Some events are classified as Acts of God, but some are just plain negligence. Thanks to Warshafsky Law, the jury found in favor of the residents. The operational decision not to equip the diversion structure with secondary power prior to August 28, 1995 was negligence on behalf of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. This oversight caused the back up and the suffering of hundreds of Milwaukee residents. Another Society Changing Judgement brought to you by the Warshafsky team.

No Client Too Small, No Opponent Too Large

Attorneys at Warshafsky are not afraid to get their hands dirty, even if it means taking on large opponents. If you feel you have been wrongly injured, call Warshafsky’s legal team. The will investigate your claim and find out where the responsibility truly lies.

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Call Warshafsky Law for a free consultation. If you feel you have been wrongly injured, they will your evaluate your case at no cost to you. The Warshafsky legal team understands that you are seeking reciprocity for injury and loss of income, with bills piling up already. If Warshafsky loses your case, you walk away without owing them a penny. Warshafsky Law only earns their paycheck if you are awarded compensation.

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Many personal injury firms brag about settling a lot of cases. Those firms are known as “settlement mills”. They take you on as a client because they know you have a case, but they do not have an invested interest in pursuing every dollar you are owed. They save themselves time and money by settling your case as quickly as possible. At Warshafsky Law, we prepare every case as if it is going before the judge and jury, from day one. That is why our firm has a reputation for earning the highest settlements for our clients, because we don’t let defendants off the hook for less than we think you are owed.

Milwaukee Homeowner Who Hesitates is Lost

If you think you have been treated unjustly, call us today. There is a statute of limitations in Wisconsin, limiting personal injury claims. This does not mean that if your case is still on the docket after a certain amount of time it is automatically thrown out. It means if you were injured recently but you thought too much time had gone by to make a claim, you may still be able to seek compensation.

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