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Warshafsky Launches Investigation to Strip Surgeon of License

$3 Million Case Causes State to Prevent Neurosurgeon from Continuing to Harm Patients

Sciatica Judgement CaseA gainfully employed carpenter in his early fifties was injured while working in July of 2003, soon finding a bulge on his lower spine. This man saw a neurosurgeon by the name of Dr. Cully White, who gave his trusted medical opinion and recommended surgery. A hemilaminectomy was performed on the left side of the spine to remove a portion of the bulging disc nucleus. The operation took place at St. Luke’s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dr. Cully White did not record the quantity of tissue removed nor did he send the specimen to pathology for an examination, despite the fact both of these actions are required by law. As events tragically turned out, the injured patient’s L5-S1 bulge was actually on the right side of his spine, not the left. Dr. White's surgical error was medical malpractice.

Following surgery, postoperative x-rays and scans clearly showed the surgery had been done on the wrong side. Dr. Cully White reviewed these x-rays and scans, yet he withheld the information from not only his patient, but from other doctors as well. Reality is, Dr. White continued to represent that he operated on the correct side.

In addition to the original pain down his right low back and leg, the patient now experienced agonizing new pain down his low back and left leg. Suffering from a severe condition known as sciatica, a pervasive set of painful symptoms continued to storm throughout his body, stinging like thousands of internal daggers, with his back and leg nerves constantly feeling on fire. Despite this level of torment in the patient, Dr. White continued to cover up what had happened.

On June 22, 2004, the wrongfully injured man received a second opinion evaluation from a Milwaukee area orthopedic surgeon, Dr. “F”, who agonized over the analytics. Upon realizing what had been done, he disclosed the information. Finally the patient learned the truth: the operation had been performed on the wrong side of his spine. In addition, Dr. White caused new damage to the patient’s spine.

In March of 2005, Dr. F. tried repairing this catastrophe through a spinal fusion, yet the damage already caused was sadly irreparable. The patient proceeded to see several additional doctors, having a series of unsuccessful operations while hopelessly searching for a respite in the unrelenting new pain. He now has a pump installed under the skin of his back, dripping painkillers onto his spine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The pain will never go away. He can only lift up to 20 lbs. He can only stand or walk for up to 30 minutes. He spends his entire day rolling on a therapy ball. He cannot sleep without special medication. He can no longer work his trade as a carpenter to support himself and his family. The cause of this man’s life being ruined was the negligence of Dr. Cully White.

Neurosurgeon and Back Surgeon Malpractice Lawyers Recover 3 Million Dollars

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The Milwaukee medical malpractice attorneys at Warshafsky promptly agreed to go after Cully White to seek retribution for the client. The case resulted in a recovery of approximately $3 million dollars. Warshafsky's personal injury lawyers, however, were not satisfied, demanding the state forgo standard bureaucracy and delays by immediately investigating the dangerous malpractices of Dr. Cully White.

The investigation resulted in Cully White being severely disciplined. The State of Wisconsin has removed Cully White’s license due to the damaging results of similar neurosurgery malpractice cases. Another successful Society Changing Judgment was formed.

Attorneys for Class Action Medical Malpractice Lawsuit against Dr Cully White

Dr. Cully White’s recklessly catastrophic practices were compounded by the Department of Regulation & Licensing and the Medical Examining Board failure to timely act to strip his license. Ongoing insurance fraud and deceptive billing was also discovered, giving White the overdue comeuppance of public scrutiny. After being stripped of his license, he is now unable to betray the medical trust of innocent men, women and children.

A faulty professional in the medical field may have caused you similar harm. Don’t hesitate to contact Warshafsky’s personal injury lawyers in Milwaukee, WI.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Injured? It IS About The Money ® Injured? It IS About The Money ®
Injured? Take Action

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