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Warshafsky Compels Auto Manufacturers to Use Available Traction Control Technology

3.26 Million Dollar Verdict Confirms: Safety Isn’t a LUXURY

Returning from a vacation with their 14 year old daughter sleeping in the back seat, a couple’s family car suddenly spins out of control. The car accident resulted in the child suffering major brain injuries. The police on the scene blamed an allegedly tired driver and a slippery road. Case Closed. "Random" tragedy strikes again.

During the discovery phase of the trial, Warshafsky Law Firm uncovered evidence of an inferior manufacturing process endangering drivers, passengers and nearby automobiles. This newly found evidence cleared the alleged accident causing claims of a fatigued driver and unsafe conditions. Our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys held the automobile manufacturing company accountable for negligence, delivering justice for the family. Upon achieving the maximum judgment for our client, other product liability lawsuits related to the automobile industry produced across the nation. Within two years, these Society Changing Judgments forced the automobile industry to change their manufacturing process to adhere to greater safety measures. Today, better slip differential comes standard on all cars.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

Passenger Injury Compensation for Brain-Damaged Child

Accidents do happen. When they do, even trained police investigators will fail to see all the causes. Your pain and suffering cannot be undone. Our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys will find justice by holding the perpetrators accountable. Accountability means making them pay the most money.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Warshafsky Law Firm excels at discovering the causes of injuries and getting the maximum value from litigation and settlements. Huge corporations are often backed by even bigger insurance companies and legal teams whose sole purpose is to save them money. Settlement offers are directly proportional to the strength of YOUR legal team and your willingness to go to trial. Accordingly, Warshafsky provides exclusive results in personal injury litigation. We get the most money for our clients.

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