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I’m Warshafsky Law nationally certified legal investigator John Schatzman. If you or someone you love is horribly injured sign and settle lawyers should scare you more than blocking Clay Matthews on a klingon battle cruiser. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your law firm. Settlement mills investigating your injuries is a lawyer that never tried a case looking at police reports. With Warshafsky in your corner are own investigator will be on the way to record the scene of your injury, interview witnesses usually within minutes of your call. It’s not uncommon for me to document and preserve evidence police officers did not see as significant. Meticulous examination of physical evidence, all documentation and every medical record to make certain nothing is missed. Warshafsky will show how your losses could have been prevented and exactly why they were not. Insurance companies are risk adverse. Warshafsky’s unique skills make record cash settlements possible and when settlement is not forth coming your best outcome at trial.

Milwaukee Private Investigation

Nationally Certified Legal Investigator

Milwaukee Private InvestigatorFor sixty years Milwaukee’s Warshafsky Personal Injury Law Firm has utilized unique and superior tools achieving the greatest cash settlements for the wrongfully injured in car accidents, medical malpractice and more. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your attorney AND THE QUALITY OF YOUR LAW FIRM. Real, tangible differentiators make Warshafsky Law your best choice when you or someone you love is injured due to negligence or recklessness of others.  Only one Milwaukee based auto accident law firm has a medical doctor on staff, and only Warshafsky has a Learn about our Nationally Certified Legal Investigator John Schatzman.

Backed by a team of higher intellect paralegals, administrative staff and attorneys, John does not overlook or miss evidence that may be impactful to the outcome of your case.  As a nationally certified legal investigator, John is not an amateur sleuth searching the scene of an accident or injury for clues or a green-behind-the-ears lawyer reading police report or medical charts.  John has proven at the highest measurable level he possesses excellent case management and organizational method.  John is trained and expert in evidence collection, evidence preservation including the chain of possession and the preparation of accident scene and evidentiary reporting.  As a nationally certified legal investigator, John is recognized as an expert qualified to testify and substantiate investigatory method and evidence acquisition in a court of law.

Private Investigation Helps Win $$$ in Legal Battles

When you choose the Warshafsky personal injury firm, with our nationally certified legal investigator, insurance companies KNOW your case is not going to be settled for a statistically based minimum. Most personal injury law firms don’t need a nationally certified legal investigator because they are perfectly happy to settle for their quick paycheck regardless of the long term impact a minimal settlement may cause the injured person.  Insurance companies know when they are dealing with a sign and settle lawyer. Insurance companies know sign and settle a lawyer’s lack of evidentiary expertise and case organization limits the insurer’s liability more than case law. When evidence is not expertly investigated, collected and documented, insurance companies offer a settlement to their own advantage and your peril. 

Battle Back Against Insurance Companies

The acquisition of evidence DOES matter to insurance companies. While you’re recovering in a hospital bed or attending a loved one’s funeral the insurance company IS out gathering evidence to your detriment and their benefit. Unlike any other Milwaukee based personal injury law firm, Warshafsky can have our in-house private investigator on site, usually within minutes, discovering, recording and preserving evidence that may strongly contribute to your compensation.  As your case investigator, John understands what matters and may document facts and evidence police officers may not understand the importance of as well as evidence insurance advocates will not notice. 

No Stone is Left Unturned with John Schatzman On Board

Our Nationally certified legal investigator leaves no nook, cranny, crevice, surface or aspect of an accident/incident scene unexplored as Warshafsky builds your case to win at trial. Injured? It IS about the money! Meticulous discovery, acquisition, documentation and preservation of evidence by Warshafsky’s nationally certified legal investigator, John Schatzman, make insurance companies consider your case to be as high risk, monetarily, for them as possible. Insurance companies are risk adverse, put simply, John’s skills help deliver the highest cash settlement possible. And, when settlement is not forthcoming, John’s investigatory skill ensures your best outcome at trial.

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Warshafsky has brought hundreds of successful lawsuits against auto makers, drug companies and insurance companies. Many clients choose us in part because we are able and willing to fund a case fully through trial and even appeal. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. No other Wisconsin law firms boast a board-certified accident investigator and a doctor who is also a lawyer and an attorney who represented insurance companies.

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