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Daycare Injury Guide: accidents, abuse, lawyers & lawsuits

Daycare Insurance Policies & Insurer Tricks

The daycare facility you take your child to has insurance to cover accidents. One version of it is called premises liability. Premises liability covers accidents happening on the property, including accidents on the playground and in the parking lot.

The important part about premises liability is that it only covers accidents. This is where the burden of proof becomes relevant. We need to be able to prove the injury was caused by culpable negligence or intentionally inflicted. Crooked daycare providers think they can be tricky because the kids are so young and unable to express themselves as well as adults, but we find all the relevant details to prove your child was criminally injured or abused.

Report Day Care Abuse in Milwaukee

Outrageous Daycare Insurance Coverages:

  • Professional liability/errors and omissions (for negligent supervision)
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in Child Abuse coverage
  • Defenses for administrative hearings related to allegations of child abuse
  • Volunteers can be covered for abuse and negligence
  • Coverage for negligent or criminal medication dispensing
  • Coverage for negligent or criminal food preparation
  • Auto transportation coverage for non-owned auto liability
Daycare negligence, injury, and abuse lawyers

Beating Daycare Abuse/Negligence Insurance Companies

You’re fighting insurance companies and all their resources when you’re fighting against a daycare to make sure damages, medical bills, and other bills are covered after your child is injured or abused. You probably can’t do this alone, and definitely, don’t want to. Insurance companies know plenty of tricks to get their clients off the hook for liabilities and have no compunctions about using those tricks.

Luckily, you have Warshafsky and all of our vast resources to combat the numerous defenses a daycare and their insurance company may have to protect them from culpability. Your children need protection. Let us help.

Justice needs to be served in the case of children more than anyone else because they are our future.

Contact Warshafsky Law today for justice concerning the abuse or injury of your child at a daycare.


Many Forms of Daycare, Many Forms of Abuse

For most parents, especially single parents, daycare is a necessity if they have a job (and if you have a child, a job is virtually a necessity). Unfortunately, no daycare provider can possibly give a child the love and attention a parent can. Accidents happen and, even worse, abuse and neglect happen. When it does, Warshafsky Law is here to make sure they pay for the harm they cause.

Daycare takes many forms, from small, unlicensed providers working out of their homes to nationally franchised facilities that are licensed with the state. No matter how good the daycare center is, though, parents always have a “what if?” in the back of their minds when their children are in someone else’s care. “What if there’s an accident? What if someone hurts my child? Or molests her?” The questions are endless.

As it turns out, there’s a reason to worry. In 2007, the National Institute of Child Health Development conducted a study on the state of daycare in America. Their study concluded that most daycare operations offered only “fair” or “poor” care. Only 10% of the daycare facilities were rated as providing high-quality care.

Just How Bad Is It?

Probably worse than you can imagine. Here’s just one example:

In April of 2013, a Milwaukee day care center (Multicultural Community Services) lost its license after accumulating 116 rule violations over the previous two years. Inspectors witnessed teachers slapping children in the face, jabbing them with pencils, and telling them “shut the hell up.”

It gets worse. On various occasions, the daycare center was cited for not reporting suspected child abuse. In one instance, the center failed to report to the state a child had suffered bad burns all over his body. One teacher even admitted to sexual abuse of a child. The worker was fired, but the daycare center wasn’t shut down for six months, even though the abuse had been reported to the state.

What got the state to finally revoke the daycare center’s license? The licensee was charged with child abuse after hitting his daughter hard enough to give her a concussion!

Yet, an investigation by Fox 6 News a week after the daycare center had their license revoked found the daycare center was still open. Why? Because under state law they are able to stay open while an appeal is pending (as long as the health and safety of children are not at risk) and have no obligation to inform parents of what is going on.

Report Day Care Abuse Wisconsin Daycare Abuse Lawsuit Lawyers

Types of child abuse at daycare centers:

If you suspect abuse at your child's daycare but can't prove it, contact our Milwaukee private investigation attorneys to get concrete evidence you can take to court.

Regulated Child Care—What is it and why does it matter?

Under Wisconsin law, there are three classifications of daycare providers: Unregulated, Certified and Licensed. These classifications determine how many children can be under a daycare provider’s care.

Note: With licensed daycare centers, where there are typically 20 or more children, there must be at least one employee for every 8 children.

As you might expect, regulated child care facilities are preferable because they are required to conduct background checks of employees, have regular inspections and comply with complaint investigations. There are 4 types of regulated child care:

Type of Family Child CareMaximum Number of Children Under Age 7Maximum Group Size
Unregulated 3
Certified 3 6
Licensed 8 8

Signs Your Child May Be Suffering From Abuse at a Daycare Center

Beyond talking with your child and getting him/her to tell you about their experience at the daycare center, there are warning signs to watch for:

Changes in behavior/extreme mood swings

Children who become uncharacteristically shy, withdrawn or depressed can indicate they’re hiding something. At the other extreme, children who become aggressive (kicking, biting, hitting) may be doing so in response to the abuse they’ve suffered at the daycare center.

Inappropriate interest in sexual matters

Children who have been molested will sometimes act out that sexual activity or show knowledge of it beyond what is normal for their age.

Fear or anxiety at the daycare center or toward an employee

It’s fairly common for young children to occasionally carry on when being dropped off at a daycare center. When it’s a regular thing, and when they show fearfulness or anger on a regular basis, it becomes difficult to dismiss their behavior as a tantrum. If your child expresses fear about anyone at the daycare center, take them seriously and start asking questions about what is going on.

Bruises, cuts and other unexplained injuries

Most daycare centers will inform parents of any injuries a child sustains while in their care. In fact, they’re required to write it up. When injuries occur on an ongoing basis, particularly bruises on the wrists, forearms, and buttocks, and the child cowers at sudden movements or when being touched, there’s a reason to suspect physical abuse is taking place at the daycare center.

Regressive behavior

When a child reverts to infantile behavior, such as bed wetting, thumb sucking, and excessive clinginess, it can be a sign of emotional issues brought on by verbal or sexual abuse.

Ongoing nightmares

Children don’t handle trauma well. Typically, they internalize it to the point it comes out in bad dreams and night terrors.

Irritation or infection of the genital region

Any infection, itchiness, or soreness around the genitals is always a cause for concern. If your child complains of any of these, make an appointment with your pediatrician and get his/her input on possible causes.

How do you know if a daycare center is good or not?

Wisconsin has a rating system for daycare centers to help inform parents about the quality of daycare facilities they may be considering. The program is called YoungStar and allows parents to see a detailed list of any violations at a daycare center over the past three years.

Young Star: the Wisconsin department of children and families

How do you file a complaint against a child care provider?

If you have concerns about the care your child is receiving or the conditions at a daycare center, you can file a complaint with the Bureau of Early Care Regulation Regional Licensing Office in Madison. 

However, if your child has been physically or emotionally harmed at a daycare center, you should contact an attorney. Our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys have extensive experience fighting for the rights of victims of abuse. Besides bills for medical care, you may also be facing bills for psychological counseling of your child. Let us help get you the money you need to put your child’s life back on track.

Be aware that as attorneys we can only pursue a civil claim against a daycare provider to get compensation for damages you and your family have suffered as a result of the abuse. This is known as a negligence suit, which is filed when a daycare provider has been negligent in their obligation to keep children in their care safe. The police investigating the incident will decide whether to pursue criminal charges against the daycare provider.

Common causes of daycare center negligence and neglect:

What is the difference between negligence and neglect?

Both negligence and neglect are grounds for legal action against a daycare provider, but what is the difference between the two?

Neglect is the failure of someone to care for a child after being entrusted to care for the child.

Negligence is the failure to meet the legal duty a daycare provider has to fulfill their duties.

What is the Statute of Limitations for filing suit against a daycare center?

Wisconsin has a very lenient statute of limitations on civil claims pertaining to child abuse. Any legal action must be brought to the court before the victim reaches the age of 35. The statute of limitations for criminal cases is even more lenient: no limitation for first-degree sexual assault and for second-degree sexual assault the action must be brought to the court before the victim reaches the age of 45.

Don’t wait to pursue legal action against a daycare center

Obviously, if your child has been harmed in any way while at a daycare center, you will want justice. And the sooner, the better. While it’s good to pursue legal action promptly, while the details of what happened are fresh in everyone’s mind, there is no need to rush your decision on hiring a law firm. Look for one with a proven record of fighting—and winning—for their clients.

Warshafsky Law is known throughout Wisconsin, and the US, for aggressively pursuing lawsuits and securing huge settlements and judgments. As a result of our work, entire industries have been forced to change the way their products and their practices so as to not cause harm to others. You can learn more about the impact we’ve had in Society Changing Judgments.

Day care Abuse Lawyers Milwaukee Report Day care Abuse Wisconsin Day care Abuse Lawsuit Lawyers
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How can I sue for childcare abuse?

To sue for childcare abuse, you and your attorney must be able to prove: 1. The daycare center had a duty of care to protect your child from undue harm. 2. The daycare center violated its duty of care. 3. The breach was the direct cause of your child’s injuries. 4. The injury was foreseeable by daycare staff. 5. The nature and value of your child’s damages.

Can I sue daycare for negligence in Wisconsin?

Yes, you can sue daycare for negligence in Wisconsin. There are two kinds of cases for the negligent supervision of children: 1. Your child was hurt because of the inattention of a caregiver 2. You, your child, or your property was injured when another person failed to supervise a child Common examples of negligent supervision of children include: - Injuries at daycare - Failure to protect children from the dangers of traffic - A child ingesting toxic chemicals - A violent child injures another child after a daycare fails to supervise the children

Can I sue a daycare for hitting my child?

Yes, you can sue a daycare for hitting your child. A civil claim against the daycare can result in compensation for any related losses. These losses can include: - Pain and suffering - Cost of alternative child care - Cost of therapy or counseling - Compensation for lost wages - Medical bills

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