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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers & Lawsuits: The Definitive Guide

The Horrifying Truth About Nursing Home Abuse in Wisconsin

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers MilwaukeeMilwaukee Attorneys Pull Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Cases Out to Justice

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Nursing home abuse in Milwaukee: more common and shocking than you may be ready to realize. It's easy to be comfortable in our normal routines, going from home to the office and back again without giving a single thought about what's happening behind closed doors. Although many nursing home and assisted living care centers around Wisconsin are perfectly safe sanctuaries for the elderly, unexpected isolated pockets of violence have a notorious history of boiling to the surface. The nurse, doctor, and caregiver are all given the privilege of our trust, but how many of them betray it? 

There are many myths and mysteries surrounding the truth about nursing homes, but once you have answers, you gain the most important and effective tool for stopping this abhorrent and disgusting behavior: knowledge. Although it isn’t a physically powerful force, knowledge gives you the ability to fight nursing home abuse with the power of the law. Nursing home abuse attorneys in Milwaukee, WI are only able to build winning cases capable of fully compensating abuse victims and their families because of solid facts. Proving nursing home abuse is taking place can sometimes take a federally approved and professional private investigation, but once we identify the person who is indisputably responsible, we will swiftly bring them to justice and have you reimbursed for the irreversible harm they have caused you or a loved one. 

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Report Nursing Home Abuse Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Lawyers

Nursing Home Abuse StatisticsThe Statistics | What are the Facts Behind Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse comes in many forms and includes the negligence or abuse of, what is most commonly, an elderly person’s emotional, physical, medical, or financial needs. The Milwaukee nursing home abuse lawyers at Warshafsky Law Firm have dealt with many of these cases in the past and don’t expect them to slow down any time soon. Yes, the statistics gathered on nursing home abuse over the past few years are equally disheartening as they are shocking, but before we hit on those specific numbers, it’s important we understand the full reality of the nursing home structure.

It is our responsibility as a society to avoid the characterization of different industries out of respect for the many professionals who conduct their job properly. In our nursing abuse guide, we outline statistics relating to nursing homes as comprehensively as possible to give you the most honest and up to date information available. If you're looking for more information regarding local or nationwide statistics, don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll cover the type of research we conduct while building winning lawsuits. 

Jump to: Nursing Home Staff Statistics, Nursing Home Resident StatisticsNurisng Home Abuse Statistics

Nursing Home Statistics: Are they Good or Bad?

In their most recent update with the Trends in Nursing Facility Characteristics in 2015, the American Health Care Association recorded about 1,670,000 certified beds in America for those who need care provided for them. Of those beds, about 1,370,000 patients were noted as filling one of the occupancies. Overall, this means about 85.8% of the certified nursing home beds were filled. The AHCA’s report covered home health agencies, hospices, and nursing homes, but did not include numbers from any hospital or other unlisted medical facilities.

Staff Statistics: Who is Working with Your Loved Ones?Nursing Home Staff Employee Statistics

When you have your parents at home, either you or a hand selected care provider are looking after your loved ones. In a nursing home, the majority of the staff is most likely made up of strangers. Whether you are leaving your parents, other family members, or close friends to be cared for in a nursing home, most anxiety you have may come from not knowing who works there. Often times, a Wisconsin nursing home is staffed by a range of employees, including:

Whether your nursing home is located in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Pewaukee, or Racine, you may be surprised to discover A Question of Justice reported 92% of the nursing home centers in the United States employed at least one convicted criminal in the year 2011. Criminal convictions vary and there are no available statistics on the crimes convicted criminals hired by assisted living centers have committed. The range of criminal convictions is worrying, however, when you consider what these care providers may have previously been charged with, such as:

When you take into consideration the 15,600 care providing facilities existing in the United States, about 14,352 of assisted living facilities have hired at least one convicted criminal at their nursing home. Cutting down the number further, we can estimate about 287 nursing home staff members in each of the 50 states are hired despite their criminal records. It’s shocking to realize assisted living facilities around the country would hire individuals with a history of crime to care for our society’s most vulnerable members when they may not even invite them into their own home.

Statistics on Baby Boomers: Numbers Reveal UncertaintyBaby Boomer Statistics

Since 1946, an entire generation has impacted industries and the way the world has worked. Now, as baby boomers age, a new industry will feel the effects of a population surge. According to the Population Reference Bureau’s Fact Sheet: Aging in the United States from 2016, the number of Americans aged 65 and older is expected to more than double by the year 2060.

Life expectancy is also projected to increase, along with an increase in Alzheimer’s disease cases. When you break down these baby boomer statistics, there is a possibility the need for nursing home care for Americans ages 65 and older could jump 75% by the year 2030. When you increase from 1.3 million to 2.3 million elderly people needing an assisted living environment, you need to provide the same number of certified beds and safe nursing home centers to meet the demand.

The question remaining
: Is America ready to take responsibility for more seniors or is nursing home abuse still too large a problem?

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics MilwaukeeNursing Home Abuse in Wisconsin | Neglect & Exploitation Statistics

Wisconsin is recognized for its beer, dairy, and cheese, but where does it stand on nursing home abuse? One of the reasons this Midwest state may not have many talks about its nursing home neglect and exploitation records is because they’ve been concealed. In a recent tort reform law, state inspection reports of nursing homes and other health care facilities are deemed inadmissible as evidence in civil and criminal cases, according to Sarah Karon from the “A Frail System” project. The tort law may be a response or direct cause of the following nursing home abuse statistics from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:

The statistics point out a recurring problem with the nursing home system in Wisconsin: abuse, neglect, and exploitation are far too common. If you are suspicious of nursing home abuse in the facility your loved ones are staying in, it’s clear your worries may not be far from the truth. In a 2013 report from Wisconsin Watch, they analyzed all of Wisconsin’s personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death nursing home lawsuit cases since 1986. In their report, they broke down the cases and their outcomes, including highlighting a $2.75 million case won for a resident in a Chippewa Falls nursing home. Along with this, a nursing home in Greenfield, health care center in Brookfield, and care center in Milwaukee were among the top sued nursing home facilities in the state.

Suspect abuse at your loved one's nursing home? Contact our private investigation attorneys Milwaukee to make sure your loved one is getting the care they deserve.

Need a nursing home abuse lawyer in Milwaukee? Contact Warshafsky Law Firm to help stop the neglect & exploitation!
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Milwaukee Report Nursing Home Abuse Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Lawyers

Types of Nursing Home AbuseThe Signs | Identifying the 7 Types of Nursing Home Abuse

When you visit your parents or loved ones in an assisted care facility, the last thing you want to witness or suspect are signs of abuse. A nursing home should be a safe place for the elderly, but more often than not these temporary homes are proving to be the opposite. Identifying the 7 types of nursing home abuse is a delicate process, as you don’t want to falsely accuse an honest CNA or innocent care provider of abusing your loved one. When abuse takes place in a nursing home, there are 7 main types outlined by experts across the United States:

  1. Abandonment
  2. Emotional Abuse
  3. Exploitation
  4. Neglect
  5. Physical Abuse
  6. Self-Neglect
  7. Sexual Abuse

All examples of abuse are unacceptable and punishable by law. The Warshafsky nursing home abuse lawyers don’t charge you any fees until you WIN your case so you can focus on fighting for justice instead of struggling with more payments. Whether you are facing an extreme case of physical abuse or you are fearful someone is financially exploiting your loved one, you can trust Warshafsky Law Firm to sensitively and aggressively handle your case. From easy to see signs to less recognizable types of abuse, keeping an eye out for telltale signals your parents or loved ones are being abused is your responsibility. Do you know what to look for?

1. Patient Abandonment: Consistent Communication is KeyTypes of Nursing Home Abuse

The signs of abandonment abuse in assisted living facilities can be difficult to identify unless you have a consistent, direct, and open line of communication with the individual living in the nursing home. For instance, if a CNA, nurse, or care provider left their shift early without finding someone to cover their patient, a manager may cover up this incident to help protect their facility.

Abandonment abuse highlights the importance of visitations and communicating with your loved ones while they are in a nursing home. Many types of nursing home abuse exist, but the signs can sometimes only be recognized by the individual themselves. If your parents or loved ones are communicating signs they are not receiving the care they are supposed to, take action. Without proper and consistent attention, dependent patients can suffer at the hands of careless or irresponsible staff members.

Mental Abuse in Nursing Homes2. Mental & Emotional Abuse: A Sinister Psychology

Have you noticed any changes in the types of things your loved ones say about themselves when you visit or call? Has there been a noticeable change in the way your parents react to different caregivers, nurses, or CNAs? Are you being restricted from visiting? One of the hardest varieties of abuse to confidently identify, mental and emotional nursing home abuse is a very real threat to the elderly.

Any time your loved ones are psychologically distressed or emotionally in pain because of the actions of a staff member at the nursing home, they are actively experiencing psychological torture. Whether they are being humiliated, intimidated, isolated, terrorized, or ignored by a nursing home staff member, the behavior must come to an end. Emotional nursing home abuse can lead to the development of depression and illness if it is allowed to continue.

Financial Exploitation Nursing Home Abuse3. Signs & Types of Exploitation: Scamming the Vulnerable

The history of assisted living facilities is tainted by regular instances of elderly exploitation. By saying this, we’re not trying to imply it is normal behavior. Warshafsky Law Firm has worked with many types of nursing home abuse – we are no stranger to the greed of individuals who work with the elderly on day to day basis. In an assisted living center, this can be anyone from a doctor or nurse to caregiver or stranger.

In most cases, exploitation of the elderly is for financial gain. Friends, family members, and even religious leaders have made the effort to profit from the vulnerability of the elderly. If you have a parent who suffers from a mental disease like dementia, they are at an even greater risk of being targeted for financial exploitation. In one very recent case, a North Carolina caregiver was convicted of financial exploitation, draining an elderly man’s entire life savings.

Neglect of the Elderly in Nursing Homes4. Neglect: When Basic Needs are Ignored

When you forget to water the flowers one day or you decide to wait another day on your oil change, chances are your belongings will be OK, but when nursing home staff neglect patients like property, the consequences can be deadly. Flowers may droop when they haven’t been watered and your car may not run as smooth after a week without maintenance, but when you neglect a human being, symptoms are much more severe.

Malnutrition, bedsores, pressure ulcers, noticeable weight loss, poor personal hygiene, and aggressive behavior can all be signs an elderly person is being neglected in an assisted living facility. Statistics reveal it all: the signs of nursing home abuse point out the types of neglect are more common than they should be. If you are suspicious of nursing home neglect, report it as soon as possible and get an experienced nursing home abuse Milwaukee law firm on your side!

Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes5. When its Physical Abuse: Shocking Nursing Home Abuse Stories

In an article from the CDC, data shows the “unintentional” deaths of adults 65+ in slip and fall accidents have consistently escalated since 2005, increasing more than 70%. Whether or not these slip and fall incidents are truly the results of accidents or more heinous motives cannot be decided here, but it’s alarming to see the numbers are mercilessly growing. Nursing the elderly back to health is important for prolonging their time on Earth, but when the opposite happens, their lives can be cut short. It would not be surprising to think nursing home physical abuse could be responsible for the previous numbers, as abuse comes in many forms in and outside of Wisconsin:

Types of Nursing Home Abuse Neglect6. Dying Slowly from Self-Neglect: The Staff May Not be at Fault

What happens in self-neglect abuse cases can be hard to identify because you may be looking in the wrong place for the culprit. These cases feature some of the most disheartening and tragic forms of abuse seen in any nursing home or assisted living facility. Self-neglect is more common with elderly residents who suffer from emotional or mental diseases/trauma. You may think a nurse or caregiver is to blame, but if a senior hasn’t taken their medication, only they can answer to the decision they’ve made.

In a nursing home, self-neglect can be identified as mail piling up or a lack of cleanliness and maintenance in an apartment or room. When seniors stop bathing, taking their medications, cleaning, paying bills, eating, or socializing, they are neglecting their own needs and can suffer greatly from it. Overall, self-neglect abuse is often a hidden problem. Whenever identifying any type of abuse or neglect, communication and visitation are two of the most important things you can do to help care for the seniors in your life.

Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes7. Don’t Excuse Sexual Abuse: Bring Criminals to Justice

Reading statistics can be comforting in a sense, they’re only numbers and don’t spend time on the details outlined in graphs. Unfortunately, when it comes to nursing home sexual abuse, there aren’t many statistics to go over. In fact, it’s hard to collect information on sexual abuse cases in assisted living facilities because the victims are hardly ever able to report the treatment, to begin with. When CNAs, caregivers, or nursing staff sexually take advantage of residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s a horrifying and CRIMINAL act which has a greater chance of going unreported.

If a resident in a nursing home has contracted new STDs, has panic attacks, attempts suicide, has trouble sitting, or seems uncomfortable around specific staff members, DON’T IGNORE IT. Any residents’ unnatural or unusual behavior is a sign of change in their life. If this change is negative or reflects the signs of different types of nursing home sexual abuse, you need to contact a knowledgeable and legitimate Wisconsin nursing home abuse attorney to handle your case IMMEDIATELY. If a nursing home resident is acting strange, don’t make excuses for their behavior – bring those responsible to justice.

Have you seen one of the 7 types of nursing home abuse? If so, hire a Milwaukee personal injury attorney as soon as possible!
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Milwaukee Report Nursing Home Abuse Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Lawyers

Nursing Home Abuse SettlementsThe Settlements | Nursing Home Cases & Their Amounts in Wisconsin & the United States

“Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.” - Bernard Law Montgomery

A silent and historic war is being fought in America every day. When seniors are beaten, neglected, and mistreated in any nursing home, they are often left defenseless and unrepresented by any party. It is close to impossible for an elderly man or woman with no immediate relatives to join the battle against nursing home abuse. Even for the son, daughter, friend, or grandchild of a nursing home resident, fighting nursing home abuse and neglect can present itself as an unrealistic, uphill battle - especially when you consider all the types of nursing home abuse cases: 

Clients of Warshafsky Law Firm feel otherwise. With Warshafsky, it’s easy to fight for change in the assisted living system thanks to our ability to settle winning lawsuits with huge amounts of money. YOU can help make a positive change in the world by actively FIGHTING nursing home abuse with our talented and experienced team of dedicated Milwaukee nursing home abuse lawyers. Our cases see impressive verdicts and settlements thanks to our commitment to assisting you with your fight against corruption and violence. Nursing home abuse cases across the country have traditionally seen MASSIVE amounts of payouts and compensation for plaintiffs. When nursing home abuse and neglect strikes the ones you love, call Warshafsky Law Firm to prepare for war.

Verdicts & Settlements in American Nursing Home Abuse Cases

In the United States, nursing home abuse cases have been taken to court for years. The battle against nursing home abuse is a thunderous one, with plaintiffs winning millions in settlements every year. In the graph below. Warshafsky Law Firm lays out some of the most recent nursing home abuse cases in Wisconsin and around America with information on their verdicts and the amount of money paid to the plaintiffs. These settlements are gathered from around the country and include cases from 2006 up to 2017:

The Cases

Amounts Won

January 2017: A mother & daughter have teamed up to sue a nursing home in Virginia. The two are accusing the facility of tying up the 84-year-old woman with bed sheets & injecting her with a narcotic to silence her. 


November, 2016: Two year-long lawsuit settles on verdict regarding nursing home which chose to prioritize maximizing profit over the care of a 64-year old resident, who fell 32 times under their care.  Settlement
Not Yet Made Public
October, 2016: Nursing home chain sued following the neglect of residents, lack of facility maintenance, and inability to provide enough staff members to provide basic services. Settlement
May, 2016: Resident’s family sues nursing home to seek justice for “repeated instance of abuse and neglect”. The 77-year old resident suffered from multiple infections, bed sores, unexplained bruising, dehydration, and malnutrition before dying. Settlement
May, 2015: Leaders of a nursing home are handed a federal lawsuit after providing residents with “non-existent, grossly inadequate, materially substandard, and/or worthless” services, including providing narcotics to treat residents showings signs of pain, dementia, and depression. Settlement
October, 2014: Nursing home provider, Extendicare, settles a lawsuit with the federal government following claims of financial exploitation and “disturbing” substandard services. 33 facilities were investigated for this lawsuit, some located in Wisconsin. Settlement
May, 2013: Children of a 76-year old female resident sue the nursing home responsible for neglecting her severe abdominal pain following treatment for a stroke.  Settlement
January, 2012: Plaintiff sues nursing home whose staff found the body of a 92-year old resident an hour after she fell down a flight of stairs, strapped into a wheelchair.  Settlement
August, 2011: Nursing home is taken to court following the death of a resident with Alzheimer’s who died as a result of extreme neglect only three weeks since after beginning to live on the property.   Settlement
April, 2009: Resident experienced malnutrition, pneumonia, dehydration, 35 bed sores, kidney failure, and urinary tract infections over the course of two years in a neglectful nursing home. Settlement
May, 2008: Plaintiff sues nursing home following the death of an 84-year old resident who was given medication she was allergic to. Settlement
June, 2007: 78-year old female resident had a hard attack and experienced internal bleeding for days before dying. Plaintiff sues the nursing home, who knew about her condition, but ignored their knowledge and instead tried to cover up their mistake.  Settlement
February, 2006: Nursing home sued by the plaintiff for allowing a resident with 30 recorded assaults to move in with another resident, whom he beat. The victim was an 81-year old man. Settlement

*The cases presented above are not Warshafsky Law Firm cases, but are gathered from different lawsuits from Wisconsin and other parts of the United States.*

The amounts paid in these nursing home abuse case settlements range from just over two million all the way to up to two hundred million. In many ways, these amounts were symbolic statements made by governments and courts for the victims of abuse and neglect in assisted living facilities everywhere. Whether they were slip and fall, medical malpractice, or wrongful death cases, they are prime examples of the possibility and opportunity for justice. No matter how small or large your settlement may compare to other cases, any winning Wisconsin lawsuit against a nursing home guilty of abuse or neglect is a VICTORY.

Pushing the Limits? | Slip & Fall Abuse CasesNursing Home Slip Fall Case

The statistics alone are revealing, but what evidence is found in real world slip and fall nursing home abuse cases? When a resident or patient experiences a slip or falls in professional care providing facility, it is often the result of negligence or abuse. Statistics point out the rise in accidental deaths following a slip and fall injury in assisted living facilities while settlements point out another rising trend: compensation.

Warshafsky Law Firm sees it time and time again: when we PROVE a nursing home is RESPONSIBLE for the injury of a resident under the CARE of staff members, the amounts awarded to the plaintiff are HUGE. When you are injured, it IS about the money. Not only to pay off medical bills but to make a loud and punishing statement about the treatment of your loved one and to incite positive change for future residents. 

Compensation: Take Your Medical Malpractice Case to CourtNursing Home Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can take on a number of different appearances in a nursing home, but the outcome is usually the same. When medical malpractice takes place in a nursing home or assisted living facility, even when it is a mistake or accident, the victims can suffer for days or weeks and may even die. Brain injuries, paralysis, and changes in behavior can all occur following a number of potentially abusive and unacceptable actions in a nursing home, such as:

In 2009, an elderly Tennessee woman died following medical malpractice in a nursing home she was residing in. The settlement won her case $30 million, but in August the case was challenged by the very nursing home guilty of the medical malpractice. The importance of taking your medical malpractice nursing home case to court cannot be stressed enough. Without raising your voice and demanding compensation for damages, there are no consequences for those liable and the safety of current and future residents are put at risk.

Are they Guilty? | Warshafsky Wins Wrongful Death Nursing Home SettlementsWrongful Death in Nursing Homes

Far too often, the result of nursing home slip and fall, medical malpractice, abuse, and neglect cases are death. Residents who die at the hands of abusive or neglectful behavior are rarely given a voice because they have no one representing them in a fight for justice. In Little Rock, Arkansas, an elderly woman suffocated to death after falling between her bed’s mattress and the wall. Her death represents the poor standards many nursing home and care providing centers around the country are forced to operate by, due to the lack of staff.

“They take all of her money, and it’s up to them to provide her the
best care…They didn’t do that and as a result, I no longer have my mother.”

The personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky Law Firm take on nursing home abuse wrongful death cases with a sensitive and aggressive approach. We respect all of our clients while bringing together a winning case to make sure you don’t leave court without feeling as though justice has been served. Wrongful death cases, whether they are attached to a nursing home or rehabilitation center, have the potential to change the way our nursing home industry works. If your loved one has died at the neglectful or abusive hands of a nursing home, let Warshafsky Law Firm know as soon as possible so we can prepare you to win your legal fight.

Contact Warshafsky Law Firm to have aggressive Milwaukee attorneys on your nursing home abuse case!
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Milwaukee Report Nursing Home Abuse Wisconsin  Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Lawyers

Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse AttorneysThe Solution | Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Nursing home abuse prevention is always easier said than done. The toxic cycle of negligence and violence is, in part, fueled by an ongoing lack of leadership provided by nursing home management, government officials, and families in regards to the mistreatment of elders under the care of assisted living facilities. If you want to break the cycle, it is up to you to provide your own solution to nursing home abuse. The best way to prevent nursing home abuse is to: 

Staying actively connected with nursing home residents, reporting suspected abuse, and becoming politically involved with nursing home neglect are all effective ways of helping prevent the systematic abandonment and assault of elders in the state of Wisconsin. Warshafsky Law Firm is your greatest tool, giving you the final blow your case need to finally stop nursing home abuse once and for all.

Staying Connected with the Vulnerable

The patients of assisted living and nursing facilities are, in many instances, left to their own devices. For many nursing home residents, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease can make it hard for them to fight, recognize, or even remember abuse and neglect after it occurs. Families who place loved ones in a nursing home must stay connected with the resident in order to keep up with their daily lives. Without consistent written, verbal, nonverbal, or visual communication, negligent doctors and their facilities have a much greater chance of getting away with their unlawful actions.

Report Nursing Home Abuse in WisconsinNursing Home Abuse Hotline in Wisconsin: Make Your Report Immediately

If you are suspicious about the abuse or neglect of an elder is taking place in a Wisconsin center of care, you must report nursing home abuse with the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA). The process of making a report in Wisconsin is fairly easy and is done directly with a representative of DQA, so your complaint won’t be at the risk of being dropped or covered up by a staff member or facility. In Wisconsin, you are able to report a number of health and residential care facilities, such as:

Report a Wisconsin Nursing Home
Looking for direct communication with a local office? Check out the regional office map.

File a Complaint Online:
Phone in a Complaint: 1-800-642-6552

Report an Assisted Living Facility in Wisconsin
Check out the Bureau of Assisted Living regional office map to find a location near you.

File a Complaint Online:
Phone in a Complaint: 1-800-642-6552

Report a Wisconsin Home Health or Hospice Agency
Read more about Home Health and Hospice Complaint Hotline Information before making a formal complaint.

File a Complaint Online:
Phone in a Complaint: 1-800-642-6552

Report a Caregiver in Wisconsin

File a Complaint Online:
Phone in a Complaint: 1-800-642-6552

Hire a Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Contact a Law Firm Online: Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm Near Me
Phone in a Lawsuit: 414-276-4970

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Wisconsin

 Speaking Up for the Voiceless: Be an Advocate

If nursing home abuse disgusts you, you don’t have to wait for a complaint to be filed or a court case to be decided. In 2013, new tort reform was passed in Wisconsin, effectively concealing abuse and neglect records from being used as evidence in civil and criminal cases. Any nursing home law can easily be passed because the subject isn’t usually treated as an important political topic by mainstream media. Had more individuals protested the passing of the tort reform, Wisconsin nursing home residents and patients may not have been denied the opportunity to present records of abuse in their court case.

You don’t have to be a Wisconsin citizen to protest reforms, laws, and facilities you don’t support. Around the country, citizens young and old have made their voices clear on nursing home abuse. In Massachusetts, 200 people in wheelchairs protested nursing home conditions for the disabled by parading through the City Hall Plaza. On the west coast in California, members of a senior community partnered with supporters to picket 20 years of abuse at a facility, where an elderly man had recently died under suspicious circumstances. Pair your passion with a professional personal injury attorney from Warshafsky Law Firm and your case is sure to WIN in court.
Preventing nursing home abuse is possible when you contact Warshafsky Law Firm
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Milwaukee Report Nursing Home Abuse Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Lawyers


Nursing Home Personal Injury LawyersStart Your Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit with our Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys 

The passionate and experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at Warshafsky Law Firm provide final, definitive solutions for the victims and families of elderly abuse and neglect. Once you are aware of the statistics, can recognize the 7 types of abuse, and have a better understanding of the historic fight happening in courts across Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin, you're ready to contact our attorneys. If you have any questions left regarding nursing home or assisted living abuse or about our lawyers, we're happy to answer them below or over the phone - contact us today!

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Nursing Home Abuse?

Statistics outline a MAJOR problem with nursing home abuse and neglect across the country. In Wisconsin, the numbers don’t shift. If you are considering an attorney for your nursing home abuse case, you have a real chance to WIN. We have seen the statistics ourselves and we know the numbers. We aren’t just a team of expert personal injury abuse lawyers who need a case – we are a team of aggressive attorneys who WANT your case. Hiring dedicated personal injury lawyers is the BEST option you have for bringing JUSTICE to the criminals in our health and care industries.

I Need a Lawyer, but I Don't have the Money.

Nursing home abuse isn’t just an inconvenient crime for the victims, but for families as well. Not only do medical bills plague those targeted, but the fees of professional lawyers can also seem overwhelming. If you have a family member being abused or neglected, but you don’t have the money you need to hire lawyers, DO NOT stand by. At Warshafsky Law Firm, you can hire affordable nursing home abuse lawyers without sacrificing your financial stability. At Warshafsky Law Firm, you do not pay our lawyers any fees until we WIN. Hiring lawyers may seem expensive, but at Warshafsky Law Firm, we understand if you’re injured, it IS about the money. Let us get started on your case today – we seek high compensations for our clients so YOU won’t be a victim twice.

The value of a personal injury attorney from Warshafsky Law Firm is unbeatable. Our lawyers have convinced clients time and time again they are WORTH hiring when a case NEEDS to be won for the sake of the plaintiff and victims of negligence and abuse. Every million dollar case we’ve won, every criminal we’ve helped bring to justice – every victory we’ve had has been a validation of our worth in Milwaukee

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Warshafsky Personal Injury Lawyers...

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Milwaukee Wisconsin

When Grandma is Injured, the Money Matters. | Milwaukee Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys 

Mahatma Ghandi wrote: "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." Here in America, our nation’s elderly can surely be considered among our weakest members. We entrust caregivers, assisted living centers and nursing homes to care for elderly parents and grandparents, believing they will diligently look after our family members and take good care of them. Sadly, our expectations can be mercilessly assaulted by unexpected acts of violence and unrestricted evil. 

In Wisconsin, as in other states, there are strict laws to protect the well-being of elderly residents. Yet this doesn’t stop elder abuse and neglect. Perhaps more than anyone else in society, the elderly and the infirm need the strongest possible advocacy to ensure nursing homes and caregivers get the message: neglect of the elderly in nursing homes is wrong and those who engage in it will face serious consequences.

Warshafsky Personal Injury Law Firmhen people choose their Wisconsin personal injury lawyer based on the endorsement of a football player or actor, they risk choosing an attorney who has never won more money in a courtroom. Settlement mills forward your paperwork and take a cut of your damages. Hundreds of times we have prepared cases like yours beyond the brink of trial. Facing unlimited liability AND an expensive jury trial, insurance companies fess up what your case is worth. They HATE when you choose Warshafsky. Insurance companies know: it IS about the money.

Warshafsky Law Firm takes on multiple types of personal injury cases because we have a passion for fighting for justice. Our clients come to us with cases ranging from nursing home abuse to construction accidents and product liability. If you have been caused harm, are confident a person or business can be found to be the cause of said harm, and protecting you was their duty, Warshafsky Law Firm has the tools and team you need to win in court. We have represented clients and their cases for years, serving Wisconsin residents from almost every part of the state, including:


Nursing Home Injuries with the Possibility of a Lawsuit:

Case assessments are free.

Personal Injury Lawyers Milwaukee WI

When nursing home abuse or neglect occurs, you need an expert legal team on your side to get the justice you deserve. The Warshafsky Law Firm features a group of personal injury lawyers who work to prepare your case to WIN. If the nursing home you’ve placed your loved one in no longer feels like a safe sanctuary, hire a personal injury attorney. The statistics prove your suspicions are likely true and if you can identify any one of the 7 types of nursing home abuse, it is time to take action. Hire a Warshafsky Law Firm attorney today so we can fully prepare you to fight the nursing home abuse you have witnessed. Your worst fears have brought you to Warshafsky Law Firm. Allow us to guide you up out of the horrors of nursing home abuse and bring those liable to justice.

Contact Warshafsky Law Firm today to hire an aggressive Milwaukee attorney!
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Milwaukee Report Nursing Home Abuse Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Lawyers
Report death in Wisconsin Report Death in Wisconsin Nursing Home 5 Shocking Examples of Nursing Home Abuse Medical Negligence Lawsuit Warshafsky Sues Hospital and Doctor for Medical Negligence Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Warshafsky Strengthens Trauma Treatment Standards in Wisconsin A Milwaukee brain injury lawyer is necessary for medical malpractice cases Warshafsky Shakes Up Hospitals with Medical Malpractice Verdict
How long does it take to settle a nursing home lawsuit in Wisconsin?

It takes 18 to 24 months to settle a nursing home lawsuit in Wisconsin. Lawsuits can be lengthy, from the initial call to trial and judgment or obtaining final payment if settlement occurred before trial. A nursing home lawsuit can best be thought of as a marathon, rather than a sprint. Preparation, hard work & time pay off in the end.

How much is a nursing home neglect case worth?

A nursing home neglect case is worth $406,000 in damages per claim on average, according to a Health Affairs report. Severe nursing home abuse cases have awarded hundreds of millions of dollars. A settlement will offer less compensation than a trial verdict, but a settlement value can still range in the millions.

How do I file a claim against a nursing home?

To file a claim against a nursing home, contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. You can file a complaint online by completing the Complaint Intake Survey or call toll-free at 800-642-6552.

Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorneys

Krista G.

Warshafsky is a based-in-Milwaukee personal injury law firm serving the injured since the 1950s.

Warshafsky has brought hundreds of successful lawsuits against auto makers, drug companies and insurance companies. Many clients choose us in part because we are able and willing to fund a case fully through trial and even appeal. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. No other Wisconsin law firms boast a board-certified accident investigator and a doctor who is also a lawyer and an attorney who represented insurance companies.

We collect NO payment until you receive compensation.
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