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Not Like a Box of Chocolates

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I’m Warshafsky trial attorney Victor Harding.

Personal injury law is not like a box of chocolates, there are no surprises. Insurers know your claim will be an inexpensively sweet treat with your sign and settle lawyer OR an expensive, for them, bitter pill to swallow facing Warshafsky.

Personal injury law is like football and acting. MVP players deliver wins. Academy Award-winning actors make stories real.

Intelligent, experienced, winning attorneys at Warshafsky deliver the largest settlements and judgments. Law is experiential. Warshafsky trial attorneys regularly take cases other attorneys refuse, winning millions for people with life-altering damages. Warshafsky trial attorneys make every case a high-risk monetary proposition for insurers. Injured? It’s no game or act. Who your attorney is very likely will have more impact on the compensation you receive than the facts in your case.

8 Types of Damages You May Collect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

And How Warshafsky Does It for Free

Say you’ve been in a car accident, or you slipped and fell in a store, or you were harmed by a defective product. And now you’ve received an offer in the mail from the insurance company. Why should you spend your time and effort (and money!) pursuing a lawsuit when you’ve already got compensation in your hands?

We’ll tell you why: You can get more money. The insurance company is most likely offering you the bare minimum for your injury, but you can also collect damages for:

  1. Medical care (including hospital stay, medications, physical therapy, and any other medical expenses)
  2. Lost Wages  (including loss of income and loss of earning capacity)
  3. Property damage (for repair or replacement of your car and its contents)
  4. Pain and suffering (pain and discomfort during, immediately after, and ongoing long-term as a result of the accident)
  5. Emotional distress (sleep loss, fear, anxiety—sometimes falls under pain and suffering)
  6. Loss of enjoyment (inability to enjoy certain hobbies and other activities)
  7. Loss of consortium (damage to your relationship with your spouse because of their injury)
  8. Punitive damages (basically to punish the negligent party for their reckless conduct)
Reasons to Sue for Personal Injury in Wisconsin

Fully-Funded No Win-No Fee Law Firm: Pay Nothing Until You Receive Your Settlement

Every personal injury law firm bills itself as “no fee unless you win,” but very few are willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to funding your case. Warshafsky is the exception. Our clients come to us because we are willing to advance all costs independently, tens of thousands of dollars if necessary, while honoring our pledge to take no payment until our client has collected their judgment.

Warshafsky is different from other Wisconsin personal injury lawyers because we prepare for trial from the moment we accept your case. Hiring an experienced trial attorney who is prepared and willing to go to court on your behalf is the only way to get the biggest settlement from insurance companies.

We thoroughly examine every settlement offer before recommending action. If we don’t believe the insurance company is offering fair compensation, we will gladly face them in court to ensure you receive a just and appropriate judgment.

No fees. No retainers. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident, you’re already dealing with enough problems and expenses. We have the strength to go the distance without exposing you to any additional risk.

Review Your Options and Choose the Best Injury Attorneys

Other Wisconsin personal injury attorneys are nothing more than settlement farms. They’re happy to take lowball offers from insurance companies, collect their fees and spit you out as quickly as possible to get to the next settlement. Injury attorneys who brag about their high volume are just guaranteeing your case won't get the attention it deserves.

Warshafsky prepares for trial from day one because our most important duty is to our clients.

We fight for your best interests against big insurance companies including State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, American Family, Progressive, Acuity and West Bend

No-Charge Legal Investigation is Part of How We Win

We employ a full in-house legal investigation team to ensure no detail is ever missed. Even if it seems unimportant, otherwise trivial details could be the key to getting the settlement you deserve. Our legal investigators work tirelessly to recreate the circumstances of your case and determine total liability.

No other Milwaukee personal injury law firm puts as many resources into investigation, and even fewer employ their own dedicated team of investigators.

There is no additional cost and no upfront fees for the use of our investigation team, they are simply part of how we work harder to get the best settlements and biggest possible judgments for each of our clients. Every case we accept is built with the strength to win at trial.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

We will always review your case for free. If we accept your case, we will immediately begin preparing to ensure you receive maximum compensation allowable under law. We will fully fund your case to completion, and you will never owe us anything until you receive payment.

Cases involving minors are generally eligible for reduced fees.

Contact us today for your free Milwaukee personal injury lawyer consultation.
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Warshafsky is a based-in-Milwaukee personal injury law firm serving the injured since the 1950s.

Warshafsky has brought hundreds of successful lawsuits against auto makers, drug companies and insurance companies. Many clients choose us in part because we are able and willing to fund a case fully through trial and even appeal. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. No other Wisconsin law firms boast a board-certified accident investigator and a doctor who is also a lawyer and an attorney who represented insurance companies.

We collect NO payment until you receive compensation.
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