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3 Things to Do after a Car Accident (and 5 Important Reasons to Get a Lawyer)

Auto Accident Attorneys in Milwaukee, WI, Get the Maximum Compensation

In little fender benders where no one got hurt and you can barely see the scratch, it’s most likely not worth it to pursue a lawsuit. On the other hand, if your car is totaled or you or your passengers are injured (or even killed), you deserve to get more than the measly settlement offer the insurance company sends with the help of a successful Milwaukee auto accident attorney

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

How to Respond to a Car Crash in Wisconsin

Reasons to Get a Lawyer after a Car Accident in WisconsinAuto accidents are a fast source of stress and confusion for even the safest drivers. Below is a guide for navigating the moments immediately following your Wisconsin car crash.

1. Immediately After the Vehicle Wreck: Stopped and Safe

Your foremost concern should be safety and minimizing the chances of a fatal or life threatening injury. Contact the police immediately and make sure you and anyone involved receive any necessary medical attention. Where safety and prudence allow, move your vehicle out of traffic. If moving your car could put you in harm’s way or cause further vehicle damage, wait for the police.

2. Car Accident Information Gathering: Record and Report

The details of an accident tend to become clouded quickly. No matter how many witnesses and conflicting motivations are involved, you should focus on accurately reporting your best account of what happened. Grab a pen or a smart phone and start collecting names, license plate numbers, insurance carriers and policy numbers. If you have a camera, take pictures of all the cars involved. Record vehicle makes and models. It would also be very prudent to sketch a diagram of how any collisions happened, especially in multi-car accidents.

3. Minimizing Vehicle Wreck Liability

Don’t leave the scene before speaking with authorities. In court, leaving the scene reflects very poorly on your account of what happened. Do not sign anything from another driver or admit fault verbally. If an officer instructs, you may sign the police report. Ask for the copy of the police officer’s accident report for your own records and write down the name of the reporting officer.


Milwaukee Car Accident Lawyer For Getting The Most Money

Here’s why you should get a lawyer:

  1. Meeting deadlines: Along with the statute of limitations for car accident claims, you may have a limited time to file various other reports and notices. Your Milwaukee auto accident attorneys will ensure everything is completed and sent in on time.
  2. Insurance companies: Your insurance company, as well as the other driver’s, are more concerned with keeping their own costs down than with getting you the compensation you deserve. An experienced attorney will advocate for your best interests.
  3. Damages: You may be able to recover more types of damages than you realize. With a car crash attorney on your side, your award may cover more than just medical bills, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.
  4. Understanding settlement offers: Once you accept a settlement offer, you give up your right to sue. Our auto accident lawyers will help you decide whether or not the offer is your best option.
  5. Proving liability: It can be extremely difficult to prove the other driver was negligent without an experienced lawyer and access to a team of legal investigators. Warshafsky offers just that.

Warshafsky Law Firm is unrivaled in both ability and willingness to see a case all the way through to trial. Our elite Milwaukee auto accident attorneys will achieve maximum financial recovery for you and your family. Where other car-, truck- and motorcycle-wreck attorneys in Wisconsin make decisions based on expediency and ease, Warshafsky remains fully committed to YOUR bottom line. Even when not readily apparent, our dedicated auto crash investigation team will find the hidden causes and outside variables responsible for your injury.

An insurance company’s initial settlement offer is directly proportional to the skill of your Milwaukee personal injury attorney. You can only get the biggest settlement offers by preparing your case to go the distance. This means planning for trial and appeal along every step of the way.

If you have been injured in an accident, get the most money by contacting Warshafsky’s Wisconsin personal injury law firm for a free case assessment today.