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I’m Victor Harding of the Warshafsky personal injury law firm. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. If your case isn’t prepared to go to trial by a great attorney, you get less compensation. It’s that simple.

Hi, I’m Frank Crivello of the Warshafsky law firm. If you’ve been injured, it IS about the money. The Warshafsky firm is intellectual, award-winning trial attorneys and expert investigators who win even the most challenging cases.

Most personal injury firms want to sign you on, then settle your case.

We prepare your case to win at trial, guaranteeing your best outcome. With Warshafsky on your side, the defendants in your personal injury case will feel the same fear and uncertainty you or your injured loved one do now.

And then they’ll pay

3 Things People Don’t Like about Personal Injury Attorneys (that Aren’t Usually True)

Warshafsky Law on Perception vs Reality

As attorneys, we’re well aware of the bad rap personal injury attorneys have. There are three reasons typically given for “lawyer hate:”


First, there is the oft-voiced complaint of lawyers charging too much. Yes, good lawyers are expensive. You are not just paying for a silver tongue, though. You are paying for years of experience, a thorough knowledge of governing statutes and case law, as well as their understanding of the legal process.

Incidentally, personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. You are not charged for their services until you receive compensation for your claim. Many firms, including Warshafsky Law, also have a No Win, No Fee policy. Meaning, if we don’t win your case, you don’t owe a dime.


The negative of opinion of personal injury attorneys is also fueled by a seemingly unending flow of news stories on high-profile cases which have convinced many Americans that lawyers routinely file frivolous lawsuits against businesses to shake them down for as much money as possible. The truth, however, is no attorney working on a contingency basis would ever take on a meritless case.


Lastly, many Americans view personal injury lawyers as shameless “ambulance chasers” who will hound accident victims in body casts to hire them to file suit. In their minds, we rank somewhere between common crook and con man on the decency scale.

And yet, when people are seriously injured by the negligence of others, facing astronomical medical bills and, in many cases, a lifetime of pain or paralysis from their injuries, the notion of being compensated for one’s injuries suddenly begins to look quite reasonable. Also, it quickly becomes apparent an attorney is necessary to negotiate the maze of the legal process.

How did society get to the point of turning to lawyers and the courts to settle grievances, anyway? It all started back in 1789 with James Madison…

3 Things People Don’t Like about Personal Injury Attorneys that aren't usually true

A Little Thing Known as the Seventh Amendment

The seventh amendment to the Constitution, first introduced by James Madison (prior to being a US President), established the right to seek compensation through the court system for harm caused by the negligence, ineptitude or carelessness of others. The legal term for this is “compensatory redress,” although it’s often shorthanded to “compensation.”

Basically, if you’ve been injured or had property damaged by someone else, you have the right to seek financial compensation for your losses. Often, in cases which merit it, punitive damages can also be awarded.

Without the legal right to seek redress through the court system, society would be reduced to vigilante justice.

Warshafsky Law on Frivolous Lawsuits

The media loves to run stories on lawsuits where huge amounts of money are awarded for seemingly laughable injuries. Yet key facts are usually left out.

Some years back, there was a lot of publicity about a 79-year-old woman who was burned by a cup of McDonald’s coffee. The case became the poster child for every negative stereotype about lawyers and frivolous lawsuits. Everyone was incredulous: $2.86 million for spilling a little hot coffee! Who wouldn’t endure a little burn for that kind of money?

What the headlines didn’t tell you is that the woman spent 8 days in the hospital having multiple skin grafts to treat third-degree burns on her thighs, groin, genitalia and buttocks, followed by two years of ongoing treatment.

They also didn’t tell you the woman had initially tried to settle directly with McDonalds for $20,000 to cover the medical expenses she incurred and medical expenses she anticipated having. McDonalds’ response? $800, take it or leave it.

Nor was there any mention of the McDonald’s store manager testifying in court their coffee was too hot to drink when served because, at 185-degrees, it would cause severe burns to the mouth and throat.

Also not covered in news stories was the fact the jury award of $2.86 million (the equivalent of 2 days of coffee sales for McDonalds) was reduced by the judge to $640,000, then renegotiated in a private, out-of-court settlement.

For most people, their perspective on lawyers changes drastically if they become the victims of someone else’s carelessness, or lose a loved one because of it. Things like a wife spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair because someone recklessly flew through a red light and T-boned her car have a way of quickly changing opinions. Then they want payback.

And rightfully so.

Getting the Highest Compensation Possible for your Injuries: A Warshafsky Law Specialty

If you have been injured in a car wreck, or at work, or due to anything related to the carelessness of someone else, you need a law firm with proven track record in personal injury lawsuits. As Milwaukee’s leading personal injury law firm, Warshafsky Law has a history of winning big for our clients in court, as well as in settlement negotiations. Often, the victories are so huge and so beneficial to society at large as to be considered society changing judgments.

Unlike the many law firms quick to accept lowball settlement offers from the insurance companies of those responsible for your injury and grief, our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys prepare every case as though it will go before a judge and jury. The “settlement mill” law firms aren’t interested in fighting for you. All they care about is getting their cut of a settlement as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next case.

There’s something you should know, though: The insurance companies you will face off against in court value your case by the quality of your attorney. If you retain one from a firm known for settling quickly and easily with insurance companies, you can expect a low-ball settlement offer. Warshafsky Law, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to tell the insurance company exactly what they can do with their lousy offer.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Our ability to secure huge sums for the clients we’ve represented has made all the difference in their shattered lives. While no amount of money can change what happened to them, it can make dealing with it a little less stressful.

If you think money doesn’t make a difference, just ask the parents of the 13-year-old girl who suffered brain damage as the result of an accident caused by an auto manufacturer’s poor design. Or the family whose mother was killed by a runaway trailer because a trucking company didn’t bother to properly secure it the truck cab. Or the wife of the brilliant 61-year old civil engineer who was reduced to the mental capacity of a 10-year-old due to negligence by a hospital.

These are all real people we represented in personal injury cases. Faced with astronomical medical bills, a loss of earnings and, in many cases, a lifetime of expensive institutional care, it most definitely is about the money.

Free Case Assessment and No Fees Until You Have Been Compensated

Warshafsky Law offers a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorneys.  Not a paralegal, not a secretary, but a real personal injury attorney who will be able to answer your questions and give you an honest assessment of the merits of your case.

If you decide to retain us to represent you, we will fully fund your case all the way through trial, and even through appeal if necessary. We ask for no payment from you until your case has been resolved through either an award or a settlement.

With Warshafsky Law, there is absolutely no financial risk whatsoever to you. Ever.

Contact the Milwaukee personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law today to schedule a free, no-obligation case assessment. 
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