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I’m Warshafsky attorney Krista LaFave Rosolino. Attorneys at Warshafsky put our pants on one leg at time. Just like sign and settle lawyers only once are pants are on we win massive judgments and settlements for our clients. Warshafsky is like other law firms except we have Werner Reis an attorney and medical doctor and we win massive judgments and settlements. Warshafsky practices law like other personal injury firms except we prepare every case to win at trial and win massive judgments and settlements. Warshafsky attorneys enjoy fictional characters and football players like sign and settle lawyers do but we just speak for ourselves and win massive judgments and settlements for our clients. If you or a loved one is injured do you really need intellectual elite trial attorneys who have prevailed before the Supreme Court dozens of times, have been winning for 60 years, a nationally board certified investigator and an expert law staff who actually cares. Yes you do.

Severe Injuries Need Serious Injury Lawyers to Get the Most Money

Our No Win, No Fee Personal Injury Attorneys Are Experienced with Serious Injuries

If you or someone you know has experienced the debilitating effects of a serious injury as a result of negligence, the team of highly qualified personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky Law is here to help. We work with each client achieve the highest possible compensation for their serious injury claims. Insurance companies value the legitimacy of your claim based on the quality of your lawyer, so it is essential for you to get the best legal representation you can. Warshafsky is prepared to go the full distance at trial to get you the compensation you are so rightly entitled to.

Wisconsin Serious Injury Attorneys Get the Most Compensation for Your Case

A wide variety of factors determine the total amount of restitution you receive. The extent of your injury, the amount of physical/mental damages in question, and degree of punitive damages can all factor into the final outcome of your claim.

The total amount of money you obtain, if any, will also vary significantly based on how prepared your legal representation is. This is why it is important to contact Warshafsky Law to see just how solid your serious injury claim may be. Our team of leading personal injury lawyers will diligently scrutinize every last detail of your case, and explore all possible outlets where compensation may be awarded.

We provide FREE case assessments, and have a no-win, no-fee policy for every case we take on. This means if we don’t win, you owe us nothing. Our motto is “It IS about the money,” and our team will do everything in our power to ensure you get fair representation in court.

Contact the serious injury lawyers Milwaukee trusts for the largest settlements and judgment awards.
Serious Injury Lawyer Milwaukee

Milwaukee Serious Injury Lawyer Terrifies Insurance Companies

Nothing makes insurance companies quiver more than a reputable serious injury lawyer. The name Warshafsky strikes fear into the hearts of the major insurance companies and often leads to better settlements in the end. Personal injuries are no laughing matter, as they can be mentally, physically, and emotionally damaging. This can drastically interfere with your ability to perform even the most basic day-to-day functions and can greatly hinder your chance to return to your normal, everyday standard of living. Some of the serious personal injuries we’ve gotten compensation for include:


Paralysis, whether partial or full body, is usually the result of an injury to the spinal cord, a stroke, or a disease of the nervous system. Paralysis is a life-altering event, and a great deal of money is required for medical expenses and to modify everything to be handicap accessible. Have the Milwaukee serious injury attorneys at Warshafsky Law assess your paralysis case today, as you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries involve some form of damage to any area of the brain and vary in scope and severity. Brain damage can impact speech, movement, memory, and even behavior. Brain injuries are often incredibly difficult to overcome and take extreme amounts of costly therapy. If you suffered a concussion or brain injury of any kind due to someone else’s negligence, have the team at Warshafsky Law examine your case today.

Dog Bites

Dog bites are not only physically and mentally traumatizing but also are often the result of blatant negligence on the owner’s part. Severe dog bites require a large degree of medical attention, and hospital bills can be through the roof. Don’t fork out your hard earned money on the behalf of someone else’s incompetency, and give the team at Warshafsky Law a call today.

Bicycle Accidents

Okay, so bicycle accident isn’t a type of injury. But bike crashes can result in very serious injuries. If you or someone you know was involved in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to damages for your pain and suffering. Whether the accident involves a drunk driver, road obstruction, or careless motor vehicle operator, the team at Warshafsky Law will do everything possible to ensure you are compensated for your physical and mental anguish.

Internal Organ Damage

Internal bleeding and organ damage are life-threatening injuries, and even when recovery is possible, it’s a long and difficult road. If you’ve suffered internal damage due to someone else’s carelessness (such as in a car crash or workplace accident), our severe injury lawyers will get you more financial compensation than any other attorney.

Loss of Limb   

The loss of a limb is life-altering. Whether your injury was the result of a car accident, defective equipment, or an infection due to medical negligence, our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys have the experience necessary to get you the best settlement or judgment possible.

Eye Injuries

While some eye injuries may heal, others may cause permanent blindness or damage to your eyesight. Getting compensation for the cost of treatments and medications is one thing; our serious eye injury attorneys will also get you the maximum compensation for all the changes in your life due to your loss of eyesight.

No matter what your serious injury may be, we promise to treat your case with the personalized level of respect it deserves. Many large law firms treat their clients as just another case in a stack of files. At Warshafsky Law, however, we distinguish our practice by establishing a client-attorney bond reflecting our personal interest in your case.

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