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Understanding Wisconsin Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law governs any legal encounter involving an injured person. Claims are brought under a “civil suit” with the goal of achieving compensation or restitution for the damages brought upon the victim. Some of the more common applications are medical malpractice, defective products, and auto accident injuries. Below is a brief overview with minimal “legalese” to help you understand Wisconsin personal injury law.   

The two most important words in personal injury law are “cause” and “damages.”

Wisconsin Personal Injury LawCause” establishes liability. This liability may be spread among a number of entities, including product manufacturers, property owners and insurance companies. Often the person or company at fault is not readily apparent at the time of the accident.  An experienced investigator and law firm like Warshafsky will discover them. “Cause” can imply either action or inaction. When a person or business fails to appropriately protect you for injury through inaction, the law calls it “negligence.”

Damages” are injuries for which the victim is owed compensation. These damages could be emotional, mental, or physical harm. Unlike criminal law where the courts inflict fines as a matter of punishment, “civil lawsuits” are conducted with the aim of restoring the victim, usually by awarding them money. Damages can also include compensation for ruined property, missed time at work or court-ordered “punitive damages.” Punitive damages are additional money which defendants must pay with the purpose of instilling a change in their behavior beyond repairing the individual harm done in the specific lawsuit. The harmed individual will recover some or all of the punitive damages awarded.


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This primer on personal injury law is intended only to enhance your overall awareness of the subject. For top-notch legal representation, contact Warshafsky Law Firm. We excel at discovering all sources of liability and maximizing recovery for the injured.

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