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Two Separate Paths to Compensation

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Here’s Why.

“I’m Linda. Mother, not a football player or an actor. When I heard Warshafsky’s, 'Injured? It IS about the money', it bothered me. They’re brilliant, loving people. If they didn’t settle with the manufacturer for 2.6 million and then win 1.6 million at trial against a fraud committing monster all would have been lost for our family.”

I’m Attorney Victor Harding. One case, two separate paths to compensation.

“The money-grubbing insurer fought for a mistrial because Warshafsky’s older son, he loathed him in court. Warshafsky is wonderful human beings taking care of overwhelmed people who can’t fend for themselves.”

The manufacturers settled fearing greater losses at trial. The insurance company was forced to trial to take responsibility for their fraud-committing client. Together, through the 4.2 million dollar settlement, the responsible parties will take care of Linda’s son for life.

Wisconsin Pro-Bono, Activism, and Philanthropy

Warshafsky Law Firm Foundation: Putting the Personal into Milwaukee Personal Injury

Warshafsky Law Firm has created a charitable foundation for the purpose of providing scholarships for deserving young Milwaukeeans. Our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers award scholarships at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and to several deserving nursing students, designated by the Milwaukee Black Nurses Association.

Unlike many scholarship programs, the prime criteria for the awards are a financial need and a reasonable expectation of success. A C-plus average and good recommendations from teachers and advisors will suffice. This approach was developed in recognition of the fact that many young people with good potential come from environments and economic conditions that do not permit them to achieve their full potential while in high school. The purpose of the program is to give these kids a better chance, leaving the exceptional student scholarships to other programs.

The Foundation has entered into an arrangement with the League of Martin, an organization of African-American police officers, for it to provide mentors when needed to scholarship recipients. Having a mature, interested person to turn to for confidential advice is considered by educators to be a key indicator of future success, particularly for young people who do not have that resource at home.

Foundation President Ted Warshafsky said the name of the scholarship honors two innocent young people who were slaughtered in their teens at the altar of bigotry. Anne Frank by the Nazis because she was Jewish; Emmett Till by the KKK because he was African American.

Previous winners include students from Bradley Tech High School, South Division High School and other area schools.

In addition to the scholarships, Warshafsky Law Firm Foundation supports the annual “Ride of Silence,” dedicated to memorializing and raising awareness of bicyclists injured and killed on public roadways. Warshafsky also contributes to charitable organizations, including:

Our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys also support the Police Athletic League, Midwest Athletes against Childhood Cancer (MACC) and the Trial Lawyer for Public Justice.

For more information about the firm’s philanthropic work contact our Wisconsin personal injury law firm today.

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