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When a severe accident occurs, Greendale residents want a top personal injury law firm like the experienced and highly successful car accident attorneys at Warshafsky Law. These lawyers are unsurpassed in Wisconsin when it comes to successful outcomes generating big settlements for injured clients. Since few serious accidents occur in Greendale, a local law firm would be less likely to have sufficient experience or resources to adequately handle a major case.

When a resident is severely injured by someone else's negligence, it can be a life-changing experience. Huge medical bills are incurred. Income could be lost for an extended period of time. Pain and suffering can be intense. When these things happen, Greendale residents want the strongest legal representation they can get. The last thing a client should want is a local “sign and settle” law firm which only wants to close the case, not secure the compensation the client needs.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

Greendale Personal Injury Lawyers Win Long-Lasting Settlements

A severe injury could require medical treatment for years to come. A disability could present the entire family with huge burdens. Adequate financial compensation is desperately needed. The amount awarded by the court might seem large, but it is high because the ongoing financial needs of the injured client will be huge. Many injured victims and their families make the mistake of choosing a law firm which can be charitably described as a “settlement mill.” These “sign and settle” firms often promote how they handle a large volume of personal injury cases. They never mention many of their settlements are handled as quickly as possible and provide inadequate compensation for the victims. Serious injuries from severe car accidents often have long-term consequences. Ongoing medical care and therapy are often required. Your ability to work may be permanently affected. Counseling may be needed. Expenses begin to mount.

Selecting the Right Greendale Attorney Is Essential

Insurance companies know if a law firm is predisposed to settle out of court. They will offer a much lower settlement and correctly assume the law firm will likely accept it. The insurance company and the law firm both win, but the client loses. The accident victim is left with overwhelming expenses and inadequate resources to meet them.

Warshafsky attorneys will conclusively prove your case long before it comes to court. The result is often an offer from the insurance company to settle out of court. The settlement offer is often much larger than was originally expected. If your Warshafsky personal injury attorney thinks the offer still is an inadequate reward for your injuries, they will take your case before a judge and jury, confident you will be adequately compensated for your injuries. Our experienced litigators know how to best represent you during an actual trial.

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